Green Lake Sanitary
Sewer and Water District


Hi from the Green Lake Sanitary Sewer and Water District.

I was asked to share some thoughts about the operation and maintenance of your water meter. The water meter really is a simple device that measures the flow of water. It is a mechanical function where propellers in the meter housing move when water flows through it, and depending upon the size of the meter it records a certain volume of water. Normally it is in one thousand gallon increments. When a meter begins to wear out, which takes many many years, the meter will not accurately record all the water flowing through it. The meters in the district are also installed with remote reading capability. That’s why your meter has a small diameter wire attached to it and it runs to a small transmission box. This box will send a signal when requested to a remote reader. The reader is usually operated from the street and reads your water usage.   

When shutting down or winterizing your water system the first thing to do is shut off the water service supply. If you have a private shut off valve installed outside the building on the service line other than the district shut off valve (curb stop), which is usually located near the street or at the end of a common feed line, close it. If the only outside shut off is the district valve, which by the way is district property and for operational concerns can only be turned on or off by district personnel, your will need to call the district office and request a water shut off. After shutting down the water supply you now need to release any pressure in the system by opening a faucet. You now should unscrew the meter from its holding assembly and move it to the side without disconnecting the signal wire. Now you can begin draining or blowing out your water system. The hard part is blowing out the water in the line that enters your building. This is usually done by using compressed air attached to a smaller diameter plastic hose that you insert into the incoming line forcing the water out. Next take the meter and tip it end to end to remove any water trapped in it. Now re-attach the meter, close the shut off valve usually located near the meter on the inlet side and no damage should occur to the water meter or your water system.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at 320-796-4523.

Ron Hagemeier
GLSSWD Superintendent