Land Use Policies and Variance Application

September 16, 2003

 To:        Green Lake Property Owners Association

 From:    Kandiyohi County Zoning Office

 Re:        Land Use Issues

Recently one of your members requested information relating to land use issues and asked that I draft a letter identifying several of the main concerns.

The setbacks that apply are; ordinary high water mark to the nearest point of a structure is 75 feet; sideyard setbacks are 10 feet; road setbacks are measured from the right of way and are 20 feet from a township road and 50 feet from a county road.

If a proposed structure does not meet these setbacks a permit may be issued from this office if they pass a stringline test from their neighboring properties (they can not be closer to the road or lake). If it can still not be permitted a variance may be applied for to vary from the requirements of the ordinance. 

There are many other requirements and administrative issues that come up, so to address site specific issues this office does conduct site visits prior to construction so please feel free to contact us.


Gary Geer
Zoning Administrator