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June 2001


"Spring Has Sprung"

...and new life is all around ;;~ ...fresh new growth of trees and plants, new roads and landscapes and wonderful new I homes. ..all around our beautiful lake. But along with Spring clean-up, we are seeing people using road ditches as their   personal dump sites!  Why?

Let us start "a-new" and with personal pride…. ..keep our beautification project all around our lake.

You do not throw grass clippings and sticks on your own lawns, why use the ditches across the road where our walking path will be! Soon, all the construction will be done, and all will be fresh and beautiful, let's "begin a new" with yard refuse being taken care of properly and keep beautiful Green Lake -beautiful!

Remember, too, do not blow, mow, or rake grass or leaf clippings onto the street or into the storm sewer or into Green Lake!

Thank You!


Dear Green Lake Property Owner:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Green Lake Property Owners Association, I would like to invite you and encourage you to attend your annual meeting which will be held on Friday, June 15, 2001 at 7:30 p.m. at the Green Lake Bible Camp on the south shore of Green Lake.

As property owners on Green Lake we are concerned about what we can do to maintain the good quality of life around the lake. The Board of Directors tries to keep the interests of the property owners first in their actions that concern all of us.

During the past year we have dealt with many different issues. The one that concerns us greatly is the discovery of Eurasian Watermilfoil in Green Lake. At the annual meeting all committees will be giving an update of their past year's action.

A special celebration picnic will be held this summer to thank everyone for their cooperation during the water and sewer project. Information regarding the picnic will be available at the annual meeting.

Please reserve June 15th on your calendar to attend the annual meeting.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Green Lake Property Owners Association, I would like to thank you for your input and support of your organization.



Ron Dobbs


Annual Meeting
Green Lake Property Owners Association
Friday, 15 June 2001
Green Lake Bible Camp
7:30 PM





Open the Meeting

1.1 Call the Meeting to Order

1.2 Acknowledge Visitors Present 1.3 Establish Agenda for Meeting

Ron Dobbs, Chairperson


Approve Minutes

2.1 Friday, 16 June 2000

Rolf Figenskau, Secretary


Financial Information






4.1 Caterpillar Control

Chuck Bermeister


4.2 DNR

Wendell Halvorson


4.3 Education

Gwynne Anderson


4.4 Highway #23

Steve Peterson


4.5 Sewer and Water

Gillie Hagen


4.6 Variance

Steve Peterson


4.7 Water Quality

Marlin Wacholz


4.8 Web Page

Bonnie Haug


Old Business



New Business



6.1 Election of Officers for Three Year Term



6.11 Dick Baken New London Township 6.12 Gary Broman Irving Township



6.13 Bruce Halgren lrving Township



6.14 Wendell Halvorson Green Lake Township 6.2 Sewer and Water Update

Gary Danielson Wayne Odell


6.3 Fishing



6.4 Eurasian Watermilfoil

Tiffanie Knapp, D.N.R.









 Green Lake Property Owners Association
Friday, June 16, 2000
Green Lake Bible Camp

Annual Meeting

The 2000 Annual Meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairperson Chuck Burmeister. A total of 97 guests were present.

Burmeister welcomed members and thanked them for coming. Guests introduced were Kandiyohi County Commissioners, Dick Larson, Dennis Peterson, and Dick Falk, Public Works Director Gary Danielson, and Kandiyohi County Sheriff Don Kujawa.

Burmeister thanked the Green Lake Bible Camp for the use of their facilities and coffee and to TDS for cookies for the meeting. The Spicer Queen Candidates introduced themselves to the property owners and encouraged property owners to participate in the 4th of July celebration in Spicer.

Queen candidates sold flares and buttons before the annual meeting.

Rolf Figenskau gave the minutes for the annual meeting of 18 June 1999. Motion was made and passed unanimously.

Treasurer Halvorson explained that the financial statement for this year will be based upon dollars received for the fiscal year and disbursement paid. In the past, revenue was placed in the previous year and the present year. Motion was made and seconded to approve the financial statement. Passed unanimously.

Chuck Burmeister, Chair of the Caterpillar Control, reported that we sprayed 340 acres for caterpillars on 15 May. Teryjon Corporation, Inc. of St. Peter, MN, sprayed at a cost of $7,760.50. Due to a large number of worms, we sprayed a second time on 25 May covering 110 acres. The cost of the second spraying was divided between Teryjon Corporation and the Green Lake Property Owners Association. The cost of the second spraying was $1,210.00 or total cost of $8,970.50.

D.N.R. Chairperson Ron Dobbs reported, (1) the Rush Brown access will not be completed until the lift station is removed, (2) The DNR has purchased the 2 parcels of property east of County Park 5 for a public access. The access will not be developed for one or two years because the DNR will be working with the county to obtain a grant to help with park improvement, (3) Because of very poor water conditions in front of the Gene Ransom property a permit was issued to remove the sand island in front of their property. The work has been completed and the conditions are improved, (4) The DNR is working with Kandiyohi County to provide fishing piers off of the bridge by the outlet when the trail is completed, (5) Regulations for northern pike will remain in effect until 2007 with one northern over 24 inches may be kept, and (6) There will be a possible hearing in August to consider changes in the regulation that does not allow any bass to be kept.

Chuck Burmeister gave the Education Report for Gwynne Anderson. The Education Committee mailed out six GREEN LAKE BREEZES during the past year. Thank you to Vema Patrick for her NATURE NOTES and also to Jim Gilbert for his articles. A new directory was put out by the Education Committee and we wish to thank Bernice Barber for the cover picture. There are errors in the directory which will be corrected, I hope, in future copies of The Breeze. A website was established and you will hear more of this from Bonnie Haug.

Dr. David McAfee was absent and no report of the Fishing Committee was presented.

Ollie Hagen presented the Sewer and Water Report. Ollie introduced the Sewer and Water Board Members to the audience. Those present were Harvey Lange, Dennis Peterson, and Tom Bonde. Letters went out to members of the north side of Green Lake regarding the sign up for water hookups this week. East Shore residents will receive their notification during July. The West Shore is in process of hookups. So far 80% of those have signed up for hook ups. It will be cheaper now than in the future to hook up. The project will hook up water to within 10 feet of your home. The sewer plant is scheduled to begin on, or near, 15 July 2000. The North Shore is completing work at the present time by sodding, the bike trail and the final overlay. The water tower in Spicer is completed, the New London tower will be completed by 27 August and the Green Lake tower completed by November 1st. Indian Beach Circle will be completed by 01 August 2000.

Ron Hagemeier has been hired as the Superintendent of the Waste Water Treatment Facilities. Mr. Hagen stated that our proposal for an additional $2.6 million grant from the State of Minnesota was not funded.

Wendell Halvorson presented the Variance Committee report. Mr. Halvorson stated that there have been only 12 requests for variances from the Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission. This is down from 16 requests of the previous year. Chairperson Burmeister announced that Wendell Halvorson has been appointed as an alternate to the Board of Adjustment.

Tom Bonde presented the Water Quality report for Dr. McAfee. Tom stated the average clarity for 1999 was 9.6 feet compared to the average since 1978 of 9.0 feet. The worst reading was 6.0 feet. An application was made to the Minnesota Clean Water Grant, last November, for $105.000.00 which was approved. Kandiyohi County granted $20,000 and the Green Lake Property Owners Association allocated $4,000.00.

Lester Frederickson discussed the Crow River Water Shed Project which includes 10 counties in central Minnesota. The office is in Buffalo and they meet once a month in Litchfield. Dennis Peterson represents Kandiyohi County.

Bonnie Haug reported on the new GLPOA web page. Our domain name is We established this to improve communications between the Association and its members. Included are news items, construction information, weather forecast, activities, news flashes, and postcards.


Item of old business was the use of phosphate free fertilizer. Terry Frazee presented this information and asked members to 'not' use phosphate in their fertilizer. This is also a project of the Kandiyohi County Lakes Association.


Ron Dobbs presented the three candidates for the Green Lake Property Owners Board as selected by the Nominating Committee. Those placed in nomination are:

Being no nominations from the floor the three candidates were approved for a three year term.

Gary Danielson presented additional information of the construction update. The assessment hearing will be held in August with informational meetings prior to this. The water meters will be read electronically.

Motion to adjourn. Passed and carried.














Caterpillar Spray
























Caterpillar Spraying



Web Page



New London Ambulance



Spicer Comm. Club



Lake Region Society


















General Fund



Patrol Fund



Caterpillar Fund







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