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Last Updated: 04/18/15

8/1/2014 - The Green Lake Property Owners were recently informed, and the DNR has confirmed, that one adult zebra mussel was found by a Green Lake home owner on a southeast shore dock. With measured optimism, we also want to report that a more extensive search of the area turned up no additional mussels.

The appearance of this lone zebra mussel is very concerning, especially because the Green Lake Property Owners Association has been working diligently to fight the spread of all aquatic invasive species for several years. While we do not know the final outcome of more searching and more testing for zebra mussels, rest assured that our battle against ALL aquatic invasive species continues and remains a top priority. We take comfort in knowing that we are still in the fight and now offer public washing station for all boats that enter and exit Green Lake. Please help us spread the word about this important community resource.

Why? Because we do not know the outcome of this recent news, and there are many other aquatic invasive species to watch for and be concerned about. July 1, 2014, the State of Minnesota release dedicated funds to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species in the lakes of Minnesota. This is good news and the GLPOA will work hard to benefit from these available funds.

Hopefully, this zebra mussel scare is an isolated find. But if not, we will work hard to educate ourselves on the best ways to live with zebra mussels in Green Lake. Either way, it should be a wakeup call for all of us to take action and spread the word about property preventative care. Aquatic invasive species are coming they are here to stay. We can not win this war without working together and forming partnerships will concerned residents of our community, our region, and our great state! WE can stand back and watch it happenor we can work together to find unique ways to deal with it.

This past week, 28 July 2014, Nick Brown of the DNR Invasive Species Department was on Green Lake to take water samples to see if they could located a veliger, which are the larva of zebra mussels. Samples were submitted to the St. Paul Office of DNR, with the results returning "negative!" They could not find any veliger within the water samples taken, which is good news.

A full press release will be forthcoming from the Department of Natural Resources on Monday, 04 August 2014.

Rest assured that the Green Lake Property Owners Association and our partners will stay focused on our mission to Protect, Enhance, and Restore Green Lake and all of the wonderful lakes we have been blessed with in our state.

Jamie Duininck, President GLPOA