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(Part 5)

The following are personal remembrances of persons who were associated with the schools.


Enoch Moller tells about District No. 51 from its start in 1872 and also when he attended in the late 1920's and early 1930's.

It began in a log house on the place where Clifford Wig now lives. Enoch's father, uncles, and aunts attended there.

In 1891 a school building was constructed farther west along the same road to the comer by County Road 9, on Moller property. In 1908, when more people lived in the east part of the district, a third building along County Road 27 was where District 51 was relocated and attended until consolidation occurred in 1959.

Enoch walked about 1 3/4 miles to school, but his father would drive him when the weather was bad.

Several teachers boarded at the Mollers, one of whom was Adelaide Croonquist. Her boyfriend, Walter Skeie, was a blacksmith in Spicer. In 1928 there was a lot of snow before Christmas, and about New Year's there was a bad ice storm, so Walter made some cleats for her shoes so she was able to walk to school.

At the end of the school year, a picnic was held around Twin Lake.