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The Green Lake Garden Club was organized in 1950 by a group of women who were interested in sharing their love of horticulture and beautifying the community. Those present at that first meeting were Mmes. F. N. Solsem, A. Block, Sig Simpson, F. Kelsey, E. Farness, W. Wilson, A. Halvorson, E. Rykken, J. Gruelich, J. Jacobson, H. Barber, W. N. Christensen, and C. Bratberg. Mrs. Walter Wilson was the first president. At their third meeting the group was invited by the Willmar Garden Club to attend their flower show and to enter flowers. They did so, and Mrs. Bratberg and Mrs. Ward won first prize for their lilies of the valley.

These energetic ladies increased their membership by each member bringing a prospective member as a guest. They raised money to buy playground equipment for the city park and a much needed ashcan. They also worked to clean up the shoreline in the park areas. They furnished picnic tables at rest stops in the area. Donations have been mailed to the Memorial Rose Gardens at the state capitol, the Heart Fund, Cancer Fund, March of Dimes, and various other worthy causes.

For many years the Green Lake Garden Club has been planting and maintaining the flower beds, shrubs, and trees along highway 23 through Spicer. This insures that the first impression for visitors and tourists is colorful and enjoyable as they pass through. The club obtained a 99-year lease for this tract from the Great Northern Railroad, but this property has been taken over by the city of Spicer, and soon a new, wider highway will be built. The garden club will need funds to move their gardens and trees to the city park.

The members of the garden club meet monthly and take turns being hostess and either presenting a topic of interest or arranging for a guest speaker. There is time for questions and answers and sharing experiences. Most years they have taken a trip together to visit points of interest, such as the experimental gardens at Morris and Chanhassen.

The garden club also hosts an annual flower show when members and friends display the best from their gardens. They have frequently had a float or display in the Fourth of July parade.

Another annual project has been to have the summer schedule of church services printed on large posters. The members deliver these posters to resorts and post offices or wherever they might be seen by summer visitors so persons can attend the church of their choice.

The members have an annual plant exchange and share plants, bulbs, seeds, and cuttings. Present members remember those who have shared with the club, and, in a sense, past members live on in thriving plants and gardens. Besides growing flowers and sharing them, some members enjoy painting or photographing them. They plant trees that will live for generations to come.

Garden club members agree the years have been a time of good fellowship, learning, and sharing. They are proud of the city of Spicer and want to do their best to make it a beautiful place to work and play.