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Many business places were moving to the east side of the tracks, and some houses were built on Third Avenue, such as Benjaminsons' and H. 0. Thorvigs'. The Ahlberg brothers built two houses on Fourth and Harriet. Hulda Samuelson and her father had sold the hotel and built a house. John Johnson and wife Lessa (remembered as quite the lady; dressed in black, she sat in the back yard smoking a pipe) built their house. The cemetery was west of Fourth Avenue. On the west side of the cemetery, a street led back of the new school, District 26, built in 1917. On this street, Norstens, Gustafsons, and J. Olson lived.

On the east side of the tracks, north of the bank, were a garage, Norman and Bill Christensen's eating place which became Arthur Kloster's after 1919, Toby Johnson's general store, the fire hall, the Woodman Town Hall in 1919. A community club was orga­nized, giving programs each month, and many home talent plays. The churches and the school used the town hall for programs, eighth grade graduations, church suppers, harvest festivals, and such events.

·  Lots 3-4 - Cody & McDermott's hotel (later Arthun's hotel)

Block 22 (Manitoba and Lake):