In 1911 C.A. Hadden, the first scout executive, came to this area, assisting a group of men in making arrangements for organizing scout troops in Willmar and Kandiyohi County. As usually happens when something new is begun, he encountered many difficulties.

Longtime Spicer residents remember scouting in the area as being affiliated with the Minneapolis Area Council (now the Viking Council) and Karishon District. Campsites were at different locations-Spicer Point on Green Lake, Diamond Lake, where the community park is now, and the east shore of Nest Lake on land rented from Fred Gillette of Spicer. He gave permission to clear enough land to erect a dining hall and one or two service buildings to form a campsite.

In the early 1940's or before, Bill Henderson (a fishing guide) took it upon himself to take boys camping, fishing, and hunting; they would pitch tents and rough it around Woodcock Lake. Later Paul Bliven (school principal) and Albert Pederson organized a group that camped at Twin Lakes,

The first sponsor of the Boy Scout troop was the PTA of Spicer School. In 1946-1947 the first charter was signed with a bit of difficulty. Local business people were a bit hesitant. Carl Engwall was scoutmaster at the time.

The campsite at Nest Lake was turned over to the Girl Scouts in an impressive ceremony. A bonfire was lit on a raft on the pond at the campsite; as it burned out and the raft sank, the camp was turned over to the Girl Scouts and became known as Camp Sanderson, in honor of Lucile "Susie" Sanderson, a dedicated leader of scouts.

Since then the place of the large Viking Council camp has been on Many Point Lake, about 40 miles from Itasca State Park. Before they went to Many Point, Spicer boys camped at Annandale.

It is impossible to get the names of all the previous scoutmasters, den mothers, and leaders who have been responsible for the work that has been carried on. Some of the young men who became Eagle Scouts are Charles Midby; Dave Shemon; John, Doug, and Robert Woodhall; Robert Ehrlich, Jr. Surely there were others, and Spicer is proud of every one.

The American Legion is sponsor now. The support of people of the community has been loyal and generous and deeply appreciated by boys and leaders who have had and are having the benefit of scouting. A thank you is in order to all.