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Belle of Green Lake
Entertains a Double Wedding Party

On June 28, 1892, at 4 p.m. on that Tuesday afternoon, the Rev. D. T. Booth of Willmar tied the nuptial knot of Samuel Anderson and Miss Lillie Orred, and Albert Anderson and Miss Nellie Orred. The wedding took place in a bowery adjoining the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Orred, the parents of both brides. As soon as the wedding services were over, the company, invited, about 150 in number, was seated at once and heartily enjoyed an excellent wedding dinner. Afterwards the party hired the steamboat, and a circuit of the beautiful take was made. In the evening the company repaired to the hall and danced to their heart's content. Everybody in Spicer, and their friends, wish them, the two wedding couples, a happy and prosperous voyage through life.

Quoted from the "Green Lake Breeze"

The Belle of Green Lake, the most famous boat
ever to grace the waters of Green Lake..