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Spicer Lockup

Few people realize that Spicer once had a village jail or lockup for detaining prisoners. The village purchased the two lots where the firehouse now stands from William Olson for $100 in 1906 and employed Andrew Bjorsell to build the structure at a cost of $294.59, utilizing “five cord of rock” purchased by the street commissioner. The bars for the jail window were purchased from J.J. Henderson for $1.75. According to the village minutes, the building was not completed until 1909, some three years later. An idea of the size of the jail can be obtained by the fact that in 1910 the council gave permission to do some filling on the lot so that it could be used a s a public tennis court.

In 1922, Jack Houston asked to rent the old jail building for use as a cream station. His request was rejected for the reason that the building was not in usable condition. The following year the council instructed the fire and light commission to wreck the old jail building and to move the firehouse on to the lots of Block 22, utilizing materials from the jail for the firehouse foundation. No records exist indicating that the lockup was ever used for the purpose intended.