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Dorothy Spicer

Dorothy Spicer, a granddaughter of John Mason Spicer, was featured in a "Minneapolis Sunday Tribune" news story on August 8,1948, entitled "Career Woman Leaves City to Follow Grandpa's Footsteps."

The reporter, Evelyn Burke, referred to Grandfather Spicer's 76 farms around Minnesota; his 435-acre farm, Medayto, on the shores of Green Lake; the original Spicer family summer home; the first log cabin built in the county on land adjoining Dorothy's; and the cabin Dorothy built for her mother and herself.

Dorothy's father, the first boy born in Spicer, said Burke, was Mason Willmar Spicer, who had died in 1943. After his death, Dorothy decided to farm Medayto. She at first commuted from her position as a television program director in the Twin Cities and discovered that farming on shares was the most practicable way for her to farm. She owned the stock: "5 2 head of cattle, 206 sheep, four horses, about 20 pigs." Spicer's black Labrador/spaniel, Butch (once fined for fishing out of season), was the only one on the farm not afraid to lead "a big mean looking bull" from barn to water trough.