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Indian Beach Resort

Sixty or so years ago about a mile of lakeshore land on the northeast side of Green Lake was laid out as a dream development of property lots for summer homes, summer businesses, several boat docking lagoons, and other recreation-oriented facilities. It was dubbed "Indian Beach on Green Lake" and was supposed to have everything a purchaser could possibly expect of a vacation area, plus it was located on exceptional Green Lake. Unfortunately, the entrepreneurs were too much ahead of their times, and, in addition, economic conditions of the late twenties and early thirties didn't help their project. The promotion faded into a kind of stagnant hibernation and never really materialized.

 During the Depression years of the thirties and on into the war years of the forties, the business area - 340 foot section of lakeshore which had a small house/lodge with snack bar, bath- house and bait shop, along with a good swimming beach, a large toboggan slide, and picnic grounds around a boat docking lagoon-did become a popular daytime spot for people from miles around.

 In 1952, Dave and Edith Schmiedeker purchased the property and changed the operation. In their 13 years as owners they added additional lots and built, moved in, and converted buildings so as to have 16 housekeeping cabins. Indian Beach Resort was promoted and operated as a favorite place to vacation -- fishing, swimming, and relaxing for a few days, a week, a month or more at Green Lake, which was often referred to as the second purest lake in the world. Indian Beach Resort became a household word for many people in Minnesota and a half dozen or more states in the Midwest.

The Kroneberger family-Andy and Joyce with five children (Dennis, Debra, David, Donan and Diane) – who were living in California, purchased the resort in May of 1975. Joyce and the two youngest, Donan and Diane, moved here and assisted John Spicer, who managed the resort the first season. They started with 13 usable cabins and a not quite finished new home (the original home/lodge had been destroyed by a fire in 1972) and with lots of ideas and energy to meet the challenge of upgrading Indian Beach Resort into a top-notch vacation place. The guest list includes people from most of the states of the USA and several foreign countries.

The Kronebergers have updated, renovated, and added cottages and units so there are now 21 comfortable housekeeping units. In addition, they have built a Resort Center-a gathering place-with a lodge room that has coffee and sweet rolls, cable TV, and a library; a store with groceries, gifts, fishing supplies, and bait; a game room for all ages, and a laundromat.

Kronebergers have upgraded the lagoon (squared and planked) to a small harbor with gas and oil services; watercraft rentals of fishing boats, motors, pontoons, sailboat, canoe, and a paddle boat. They rent bicycles, including two tandems. The open space grounds of the resort have volleyball, horseshoes, a tennis court, a children's playhouse, various swings, slides, and other play- ground equipment. They have obtained over the years additional acreage for expansion of recreational facilities and lodging units.