In 1941 the first Girl Scout troop was organized in Spicer. There has been continuous Girl Scouting in Spicer for these fifty years. Records show that four women formed the first troop committee and continued in this capacity until 1956--these were: Mrs. E. Farness, Mrs. Oscar Gustrud, Mrs. E. J. Rykken, and Mrs. Sig Simpson.

Among the names of Girl Scout volunteers serving in the sixties and seventies we find Gladys Thompson, Leila Wenzel, Donna Woodhall, Lillian Doty, Betty Midby, Marion Rime, Luella Krause, Gwen Fredeen, Ruby Engwall. There were many others as leaders, troop committee members, council board and committees. Mrs. Jo Thompson served as president of the Peacepipe Girl Scout Council in the 70's.

Spicer was one of the six communities who shared in the purchase and development of Nest Lake Girl Scout Camp (later to become Camp Sanderson). In 1947 Spicer, Buffalo Lake, Danube, Olivia, Montevideo, and Willmar raised the funds to purchase 33 acres on the east shore of Nest Lake. Spicer Girl scouts donated the first flag pole on the site. E. J. Rykken, Sig Simpson and Carl Engwall were among the first men to become active in Girl Scouting in the area as they helped to raise funds and work on the improvements on the site. Val Johanson and Karen En-wall were members of the camp staff for several years.

These fifty years of Girl Scouting in Spicer have seen many changes but the interest and dedication of the community have given many girls the opportunity to be in the scouting program. Spicer has been a good host to the thousands of little girls and adults who have camped at Camp Sanderson.