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The regular meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was called to order by Past Chairperson G. Roverud. Members present were B. Aamot. J. Duininck, R. Jansen, T. Lieser, G. Roverud, R. Schneider, V. Sechler, R. Stehn, and T. Frazee.

Absent with call in was: D. Gunderson, R. Minke, and K. TerWisscha.

No Guests were present for the meeting of said date.

The Agenda for the September meeting was approved by motion of J. Jansen, seconded by R. Stehn.

Motion to approve.

Motion by R. Stehn, seconded by R. Schneider to approve the minutes of the 15 August meeting with one correction.  Page 2 of the minutes regarding SEWER AND WATER should be changed in the second paragraph to read. "Sewer Plant will be at 80% capacity with the City of Kandiyohi and Diamond Lake, if they join." With correction the minutes were approved.

Motion by B. Aamot, seconded by R. Stehn to approve the financial report for September.

Motion carried.


There were not any public comments to the Board.


Information was discussed regarding the reply from the DNR that they would not rule against any fishing tournaments within Green Lake along with the letter of approval for treatment for Eurasian Water Milfoil in September of 2009 which was granted by the D. N. R. 



No Report

Education/Web Page:

No Report

Lake Management:

Chairperson G. Roverud spoke about treatment for Eurasian Water Milfoil, survey of milfoil, related expenses as boat use, diver equipment.

Discussion was held about Zebra Mussels, protecting Green Lake from Infestation of such. T. Frazee stated that the Bass Tournament is Scheduled for Green Lake in June of 2010. The first week the Tournament will be held on Lake LeHomme Dieu, the second week The tournament will be held on Prior Lake, with the third week finding The tournament on Green Lake.  LeHomme Dieu and Prior Lake are Infested with Zebra Mussels.  Letters will be sent to the Bass Federation Association, along with the D. N. R. asking that the Tournament on Green Lake be removed as both LeHomme Dieu and Prior Lake are infested.

R. Schneider discussed what could be done to protect Green Lake from The infestation of lakes who have Zebra Mussels, to find a way to Protect Green Lake by involving the other lakes within the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed District 

Motion by R. Schneider, second by J. Duininck to proceed to Evaluate/test water for Zebra Mussels within Green Lake along with Other lakes within the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed District, to Have this evaluation completed by 31 October 2009. Than to have the Water Shed District proceed with regulations of zebra mussels action Within 30 days after testing is done. Allocation of up to $2,500.00 for The study of such. Motion carried.  R. Schneider will talk to Chad Anderson of the Middle Fork Crow River Water shed District, as G. Roverud will contact J. Eisterholm of the D. N. R. about testing of Green Lake.

Discussion was held about fund raising during the winter season for Treatment of Eurasian Water Milfoil. G. Roverud will chair the Committee, assisted by B. Aamot.  Others on the committee will be Jim Olson, Roger Broman, Greg Hanson, Tom Lindeman, Steve Linder, Pat Schoffman, Rollie Swenson, and Harris Duininck. 

Discussion was held of finding additional volunteers to assist with the Treatment of Eurasian Water Milfoil for 2010.

Approval of funds to Little Crow Sports Center for $100.00 for use of their pontoon and to B. Latham for $25.00 for gasoline.


Diamond Lake had their hearing of hooking to the District which was approved by the County Commissioners.

The next Sewer Board meeting will find quote from Spicer and New London to do the billing for the Green Lake Sewer District.


No Report


No Report


T. Frazee presented information about the meeting with the County Commissioners, Sheriff"s Office, D. N. R. along with representatives from GLPOA and those who oppose the areas of the lake for Boaters plus the 300 foot quiet zone. A good discussion was held with a second meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 29 September 2009, at 5:00 P. M. at the Human Service Office. A continued discussion will be held upon the issues of (1) safety for all users of the lake, (2) common sense, and (3) respect for property owners.

T. Frazee informed the Board that the Green Lake Web page has added a new feature called LOST AND FOUND. If any person looses an item or finds an item please contact the Executive Secretary as it will be placed on this area of the web page.



T. Frazee stated the Patrol Service for the winter season will begin on 01 October 2009. Two signs will be placed on each home who have signed up for the service. The Patrol person will be identified by a vest marking plus GLPOA identification. A total of 127 homes have signed up for this service.

Motion by R. Stehn, seconded by B. Aamot to adopt Resolution # 5 for the Green Lake Property Owners Association By Laws. The Resolution will be presented to the Membership at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, 19 June 2009.

WHEREAS, the Green Lake Property Owners" Association did adopt By - Laws for purpose of administrating and regulating the affairs of the Corporation, and

WHEREAS,  approximately two (2) years ago, the majority of the Board of Directors of the Green Lake Property Owners Association voted to change the Annual Meeting from the third Friday of June to the third Saturday of June in an attempt to allow more Green Lake Property Owners membership to attend the annual meeting, and

WHEREAS, as a result of the property owners to attend the meeting was within a positive membership meeting and greater participation opportunity for residents around Green Lake, and

WHEREAS, the Green Lake Property Owners Association By-Laws, Article VI, Section 3. Currently specifies that the Green Lake Property Owners Association Annual Meeting shall be held on the third (3rd) Friday in June of each year,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Green Lake Property Owners Association that the By-Laws of this Corporation be amended within Article VI, Second 3 to state the Annual Meeting shall be held on the third weekend of June each year.


                                                                        Kelly TerWisscha, President

 DATE:  09.19.09

                                                                        Terry W. Frazee, Executive Secretary


Motion carried.


Motion by R. Stehn, second by R. Jansen to adjourn the September 2009 Board Meeting.  Motion carried.

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