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The regular meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was called to order by Chairperson G. Roverud.  Members present were D. Gunderson, R. Minke, G. Roverud, R. Schneider, K. TerWisscha, J. Nelson and T. Frazee.

Absent, with call in, were: R. Jansen, V. Sechler, P. Spilseth, and R. Stehn.

Absent:  B. Aamot, and J. Duininck.

Guest present was Sandy Ehlers.

The Agenda for the Saturday, 27 June 2009, was approved as mailed to all Board Members.

Motion by K. TerWisscha, seconded by R. Minke to approved the minutes of the regular Board Meeting of 16 May 2009.  Motion carried.

Motion by G. Roverud, seconded by J. Nelson,  to approve the minutes of the Annual Meeting of 20 June 2009 but with a correction on page 2, changing the word "milfoil" to "chemical" so the sentence will read, " " go out to the lake to spread  chemical . . ."   Motion carried.

Treasurer D. Gunderson, presented the monthly report showing the following fund balances as follows, motion by J. Nelson, seconded by K. TerWisscha.

Motion carried.


Chairperson G. Roverud did not have any correspondence to present to the Board.



Chairperson R. Minke reported the spraying for worms was completed the week prior to Memorial.  Reports are that the worms are dying.

Education/Web Page:

Chairperson D. Gunderson did not have a report but asked Board members to look at the web page:  www.greenlakespicer.com.

Lake Management:

T. Frazee reported that the treatment of milfoil, by the use of Navigate (chemical) was completed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.   Those assisting were: Bill/Ann Latham, Darrell Sunvold, Duaine Hanson, Roger Sowder, Bob Schemel, Val Sechler, and T. Frazee. 

G. Roverud showed the letter which he has sent to the Commissioner of Natural Resources asking for permission to treat for Milfoil after 01 September but prior to 30 September each year.  The D.N.R. refused our request to treat after 01 September each year.  We are asking for a variance this year.

We are still working upon the Lake Vegetative Management Plan which began in February of 2009.  Have not received approval as of this meeting.

G. Roverud stated that a meeting of the "Inlet Partnership" will meet within the next 7 to 14 days regarding the application of the LCCMR grant as suggested by Senator S. Chaudhary.


No Report


No Report

Water Quality/DNR:

No Report


There was no Old Business for the Board.


T. Frazee called the Green Lake Property Owners Board together for the election of officers for the 2009-2010 term.   Frazee asked that all items for the agenda be called to him/emailed/mailed to him one week prior to the time which the agenda is sent out.

Election of Officers for 2009 - 2010 were open.  Motion by J. Nelson, second by R. Schneider for Kelly TerWisscha for President.  Motion carried.

K. TerWisscha asked for nominations for Vice Chairperson.  Motion by K. TerWisscha, seconded by J. Nelson that Dick Gunderson be Vice Chairperson/President elect.   Motion carried.

Motion by J. Nelson, seconded by R. Schneider that R. Minke be nominated for Secretary.  Motion carried.

Motion by K. TerWisscha, seconded by G. Roverud that Dick Gunderson be Treasurer.  Motion carried.

Committee Assignments for 2009 - 2010 were set as follows:


  1. R. Minke, Chair
  2. T. Frazee


  1. Trudie Lieser, Chair
  2. T. Frazee


  1. G. Roverud, Chair
  2. R. Schneider
  3. R. Jansen
  4. R. Minke
  5. P. Spilseth
  6. Bill/Ann Latham
  7. T. Frazee


  1. R. Stehn, Chair
  2. B. Aamot


  1. K. TerWisscha, Chair
  2. J. Duininck


  1. R. Jansen, Chair
  2. V. Sechler

Discussion was held about the Annual Meeting on Saturday rather than Friday this year.   Very positive discussion was held for Saturday, but will be placed upon the agenda for the July Meeting.

Motion by R. Schneider, seconded by T. Lieser to purchase a second GPS for Green Lake.  G. Roverud

Will order this GPS.   T. Frazee will be in charge of knowing who has the two GPS"s.   Motion carried.

T. Frazee reported that our request for a grant to the State of Minnesota asking for $3,000.00 for the treatment of milfoil was denied as we do not have milfoil prohibiting boats from reaching the middle of the lake.

T. Frazee reported that a grant in the amount of $3,000.00 has been received from the Kandiyohi County Water Quality Board for the continued treatment of Milfoil within Green Lake. 

Discussion for the proposed budget for the 2009 - 2010 year will be brought back to the Board for their approval at the July meeting.  Treasurer D. Gunderson wishes to provide additional information for the Board of Directors.

S. Ehlers presented information to the Board about  the Green Lake Property Owners Association have a 250 foot NO WAKE ZONE from the shore line out to the lake from the "ordinary high water mark."  S. Ehlers has visited with the Kandiyohi County Sheriff regarding the "Riparian Rights" of home owners, the enforcement within the 250 foot buoyed channel of safety which would be known as the NO WAKE ZONE.

After much discussion, a committee of President K. TerWisscha, R. Schneider, and T. Frazee will meet with Kandiyohi County Officials to explain the system, check the legality of such.  This will be presented to the entire Board for the July meeting.

T. Frazee explained to the Board that C. Anderson, Director of the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed District asked if the GLPOA would provide "In Kind" Service in the amount of $2,000.00 for a grant for Clean Water for the year.   There will be no funds transfer, only "in kind" service in the amount of up to $2,000.00   Motion by G. Roverud, seconded by D. Gunderson that we approved the said motion.  Motion carried. 

T. Frazee asked the Board for articles for the Green Lake Breeze to be submitted by 06 July 2009.

 Motion to adjourn by R. Schneider, second by D. Gunderson,   Motion carried.


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