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The regular meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was called to order by Chairperson G. Roverud.   Members present were R. Jansen, R. Minke, P. Spilseth, R. Stehn, K. TerWisscha, and T. Frazee

Absent, with call in were: J. Nelson and T. Broman.

Absent:  B. Aamot, J. Duininck, D. Gunderson.

Guests present were A. Latham.

The Agenda for the May 2009 meeting was approved as mailed out to all Board Members.

Motion by K. TerWisscha, second by R. Minke to approve the minutes of the regular Board Meeting of 25 April 2009.  Motion carried.

Motion by R. Stehn, seconded by R. Jansen to approve the treasurer's report for the month of May, 2009. 

Motion carried.


Chairperson G. Roverud did not have any correspondence to present to the Board.




Chairperson R. Minke reported that TeryJon Aviation, would like to spray the leaves the coming week, which would be 18 May 2009. R. Minke informed the Board that met with the City Council of Spicer asking for a donation for spaying for Worms.  The Spicer City Council approved $300.00 as a donation.

Education/Web Page:

No Report

Lake Management:

A. Latham presented information to the Board about the Idaho plan.  Discussion was held about permits for treating Eurasian Water Milfoil in Green Lake.   There will be a Lake Management Committee meeting this coming week. Committee members will be notified as to the time/place.


Chairperson R. Stehn presented information that of the lakes to the west of Green Lake as 238 out of 277 homes have been homes have been hooked up.

During 2008, leakage of water was at 21% within the District while the period of January - April we have leakage of 24%. The MPCA has approved the Water/Sewer program for another five years.

A problem exists with the filters with the sewer plant.  Bolten & Menk will contribute $60,000 to fix the problem while the Sewer District has found "unused funds" of $30,000. To fix this filtration program.

R. Stehn presented information of the Diamond Lake hook up to the GLSSWD. The Diamond Lake Owners Association has met with the Kandiyohi County Commissions of which they will ask Harrison Township to create a new Sewer District.


Chairperson K. TerWisscha presented to the Board a worksheet of the Valuations of the City of Spicer, Green Lake Township, Irvin Township and New London Township of building/land compared to those within Tier I of the Sewer District.

Water Quality/DNR/Fishing:

No Report


G. Roverud explained to the Board of the Milfoil Application which was presented to the DNR Office on 01 April 2009.   As of the date of this meeting, 16 May 2009, we have not received permission to treat Green Lake for Eurasian Water Milfoil" T. Frazee stated there is talk within the Fisheries Department of not allowing any treatment after 01 September 2009. Contact has been made with the Bay Lake Association of which they were denied treatment after 01 September but they contacted the DNR which changed the permit.

G. Roverud reported on the Green Lake Partnership Inlet Program, also stating the next meeting will be held in the next ten days.   The "Inlet Program" is working with the City of Spicer, Kandiyohi County, DOT, DNR, and Watershed District along with the GLPOA.

G. Roverud reported upon the WHITEFISH GALLERY information which will be forthcoming with the annual dues statement.

G. Roverud reported on the LVMP which has not been approved, as of this writing.  It has been in the workings with the DNR office since February of 2009.


G. Roverud presented to the Board the GPS which was authorized to purchase.  The cost is $297.50 of which will be paid from the milfoil program.   This GPS is workings with the DNR program for the location of milfoil within Green Lake.  Motion by K. TerWisscha, second by R. Jansen to purchase the add-on which will allow for the mapping of the bottom of Green Lake.  Motion carried.

P. Spilseth presented information to the Board of the proposed new sub committee of GREEN LAKE PROPERTY OWNERS LAKE WATCH ORGANIZATION.   P. Spilseth stated the goal would be to provide a structure for organization and communication for important lake issues include the monitoring of invasive species such as Eurasian Milfoil.   This information will be placed in the June Issue of the Green Lake Breeze.  Volunteers will have opportunity to sign up at the Annual meeting.  For additional information please contact P. Spilseth for additional information.

P. Spilseth presented information for the Board about VOLUNTEERS FOR DIGGING MILFOIL, INCLUDING SCUBA DIBERS.   The Board accepted this program placing it under the direction of the Lake Management Committee.

Motion by R. Jansen, seconded by K. TerWisscha to donate $1,000.00 to the Spicer 4th of July Committee for Fireworks over Green Lake.  Motion carried.

T. Frazee presented information to the Board of the Aquatic Invasive Species Program which was approved the MINNESOTA WATERS BOARD OF DIRECTORS.    Not only is Milfoil a concern for Green Lake, but we now have Zebra Mussels to be concerned with.

T. Frazee presented a letter to the Board received from Heidi Wolf, Watercraft Inspection Program Coordinator stating they DNR will have watercraft inspectors at the Green Lake public access for approximately 250 hours during the open water season plus the DNR will have inspections during the seven (7) fishing tournaments currently scheduled in 2009.

G. Roverud presented information about the Annual Meeting which will be held SATURDAY MORNING, 20 MAY 2009, to begin at 8:30 a. m. with a complete, full breakfast for all attending.  The

Meeting will be held at the Green Lake Bible Camp for property owners to attend.  The opening of the Annual Meeting will be scheduled for approximately 8:45 with opening remarks about the activity of the Board During the last year.   We will not schedule any speakers for this Annual Meeting, as it is the Boards intention to update the membership of the past year.   New Directories of Green Lake will be issued at that time.

New Board Members to be elected will be for City of Spicer two members for three year terms replacing T. Broman and J. Nelson.  One Board Member will be elected from Green Lake Township.

Motion to adjourn by K. TerWisscha, second by R. Jansen.  Motion carried.


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