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The regular meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was called to order by Chairperson Greg Roverud.  Members present were T. Broman, J. Duininck, R. Minke, R. Stehn, and T. Frazee.

Absent, with called in, were D. Gunderson, R. Jansen, J. Nelson, and K. TerWisscha.

Absent: B. Aamot

The agenda was approved as was mailed out to Board Members.

Motion by R. Stehn, second by T. Broman to approve the minutes of the regular 28 June 2008 Board Meeting.  Motion carried. 

Motion by R. Stehn, second by R. Minke to approve the treasurer's report for the month of July 2008.

Motion carried. 


No correspondence has been received this month. 



No Report

Education/Web Page:

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Lake Management:

On 15 July three boats, nine volunteers were on Green Lake by 6:00 a. m. to treat predetermined stands of  Eurasian water milfoil with the chemical 2,4-D.   The DNR requirements were followed explicitly regarding the obtaining of the proper permits, the amount of chemical dispersed per acre, and the posting of notification signs on buoys at all of the treated areas.

There are stands of milfoil in the lake that were not treated.  Any home owners who notice areas that have not be previously documented, especially if these are large, matted or nuisance areas, please record the GPS coordinates and send information to Jill Nelson.

Sewer and Water:

No Report


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Water Quality/DNR/Fishing:

T. Broman questioned about the holding ponds with the City of Spicer, as to who is to clean them out, and when this will happen.   Discussion was held about County Road 10, the use of Rain Gardens, what is happening with the Road construction/plans.  J. Duininck presented information of a new process which Prinsco, Inc. has developed to hold water within a sealed container.   The silt from the road would settle within the container, than the over flow of clean water would come out.  Two 24 inch valves would be used to clean the silt out of the containers.  J. Duininck will provide more information of these new products.



The Board of Directors, upon much discussion over two meetings, has agreed to move the Green Lake Property Owners Association Annual Meeting to Saturday morning, 20 June 2009, at 9:00 a. m.  The meeting should end within 90 minutes.   Coffee, Juice, and fresh rolls will be provided for those in attendance at the meetings.


J. Duininck was appointed to the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed District Advisory Board to represent Green Lake.

Information was given to the Board Members about the 2009 Green Lake Directory which will be published in the spring of 2009.  The cost for 700 copies, based on 07.19.08 price, would be $1,885.00 or $20.00 more than 2006.   The Board approved printing the new directory.   The Board also asked people to send in pictures for the front cover plus any name changes for the directory.

Tom and Jean Lindemann appeared before the Board to suggest changes within the communication with lake residents.   They appeared before the board with recommendations (1) people who do not pay dues do not receive the Green Lake Breeze, (2) Residents of Green Lake who pay their dues and submit an e-mail address will receive the Breeze via e-mail, (3) Residents of Green Lake who pay their dues but do not report an e-mail address will receive the Breeze via mail.  However, they will incur an additional fee to cover the additional expense of the association to mail the Breeze via U. S. Mail.  That fee would have to be decided upon.   Tom and Jean stated they would work with the Executive Secretary in any emails that would go forth.

The Board thanked Tom and Jean Lindemann for appearing before them with the positive suggestions.    The Board has instructed the Executive Secretary to place an area on the dues statement for 2009/2010 asking if people wish to receive the BREEZE by electronic which would be on the web page.

The Board wishes to notify all people they may read all Board minutes on the Green Lake Web Page which is found at  www.greenlakespicer.com.   All Board meetings, Breeze issues, plus many historic information is found.

Motion by R. Stehn, seconded by R. Minke to donated $150.00 to the Green Lake Bible Camp for hosting the annual meeting. 

Motion by T. Broman, seconded by R. Stehn to adjourn.



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