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 The regular meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was called to order by Chairperson Ralph Jansen.  Members present were T. Broman, R. Minke, J. Nelson, J. Peterson, M. Quale, G. Roverud, K. TerWisscha, S. Under and T. Frazee 

Members absent were: D. Gunderson and R. Stehn.

Steve Martinka and Ann Latham were present as guests for the meeting. 

There were no additions to the agenda for the April Meeting.  Motion to accept the agenda by K. TerWisscha, second by R. Minke.   Motion carried.

Motion by M. Quale, second by K. TerWisscha to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of 15 September 2007.  Motion carried.

T. Frazee presented the financial report for the month.

Motion carried to approved the fund balance J. Pederson, seconded by K. TerWisscha.   Motion carried.


The GLPOA has not received any correspondence since the last meeting.



R. Jansen explained that he had received a call from Tery-John Company of St. Peter, Mn. to ask if we were interested in spraying for tent caterpillars worms this year. The cost would increase by $300.00 due to fuel costs.  Motion by J. Nelson, seconded by S.  Unger that we enter a contract with Tery-John Corporation to spray in May of 2008.   Motion carried.

Education/Web Page:

M. Quale has sent additional pictures to our Web Master to be added to the Post Card Section.  These pictures were presented to the Board Members.

Lake Management:

J. Nelson will present information under new business in speaking of Eurasian Water Milfoil.

Sewer & Water:

T. Frazee attended the GLSSWD meeting.  Nest, Henderson, and George Lake are interested in hooking into the system.  Bids will be let within the next 30 days.  Diamond Lake is going to study their septic tanks before a final decision is made.


K. TerWisscha reported about sales around Green Lake.   The market structure of the area, what it brings and how it will influence taxation.

Water Quality/DNR:

T. Broman reported of the meetings with the Green Lake Fishery people with the DNR during the past six months.  Ann Latham, Steve Martinka requested $1,000.00 be given to the Green Lake Fishery program.  A review of DNR data, communications, monitor walleye stocking program, electrofishing, gill net counts and negotiate with DNR as needed for Green Lake Fishery Project. 

After discussion of the project, the Board Of Directors along with members of the Green Lake Fishery Committee agreed to add to the dues statement an "Optional category" where people would be able to donated to the Green Lake Fishery program by using the GLPOA 501c program.  Each person who donates dollars will receive a statement which they will be able to use as a tax deductible item on state/federal income tax form. 


No Old Business was brought to the Board for consideration.


J. Nelson, Chairperson  of the Lake Management Committee  presented information regarding the past year of Eurasian Water Milfoil, the treatment thereof, plus the 2008 year.  The committee has been in contact with Chip Welling,  DNR Coordinator of Exotic Species about 2007 and 2008 year.   The DNR  does not feel that the use of Navigate of 200 lb.. per acre had any positive effect    upon Green Lake in 2007.  Discussion was held about treating for 2008, as we have received a contract in the amount of $7,437.50 for treatment of 4.25 acres from Lake Restoration Company. The committee also contact Buddy Divers of Welch, Minnesota to consider a diving team pull the EWM from Green Lake.  Cost of that program $1,200.00 per day for five day minimum proposal was for a quantitative Eurasian Water Milfoil Delineation at a cost of $15,600.00.

R. Jansen contact local divers to see if they would be interested in working within Green Lake to remove the EWM plants.   As of this meeting, he has not had a reply from them.  They would need to be trained as to what they might remove, also approved by the DNR Exotic Species Division.

J. Nelson will contact Chad Anderson of the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed District about divers, the use of barriers within the EWM area while treatment.   The permit for treatment has been applied for by R. Jansen  as of 28 March 2008.

Motion by J. Nelson, second by R. Minke that the Lake Management Committee report to the full board at the 17 May 2008 meeting about treatment of the "large areas of concentration of EWM on Green Lake.   Chairperson J. Nelson will convene the Lake Management Committee within the next two weeks to discuss the same.  Motion carried.

Chairperson R. Jansen provided the Board with information about the proposed trailer parking area which would increase in Spicer.  R. Jansen asked the Board for a motion of which the Green Lake Property Owners Association Board of Directors would either oppose or go on record of not.   Motion by J. Pederson, second by M. Quale that the Green Lake Property Owners Association oppose the project of the increased parking within the city of Spicer.  Motion carried.

Articles for the May issue of the Green Lake Breeze are due by Monday, 28 April 2008 at 9:30 a. m..   The GLPOA BREEZE will be mailed out on Thursday, 01 May 2008.

The next meeting of the GLPOA will be held at 8:00 a. m. on Saturday, 17 May 2008, at Heritage Bank.  The public is invited to attend this meeting.

Motion by K. TerWisscha, second by J. Nelson to adjourn.   Motion carried.


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