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The regular meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was called to order by Vice Chairperson Greg Roverud.  Members present D. Gunderson, R. Minke, J. Nelson, J.. Pederson, M. Quale, R. Stehn, and T. Frazee.

Members absent with call in were R. Jansen, T. Broman, and S. Under.   Other member absent was K. TerWisscha.

G. Broman was present as a guest for the meeting..

There were no additions to the agenda for the August meeting.  Motion to accept; the agenda by R. Stehn, seconded by M. Quale.  Motion carried.

Motion by R. Stehn, seconded by J. Nelson  to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of Saturday, 21 July 2007.    Motion carried.

T. Frazee presented the financial report for the month of August.

T. Frazee notified the Board that the final bill for chemical treatment of Green Lake is $7,235.00 which will be paid by 01 October 2007.   T. Frazee also notified the Board that we take in about $20,000.00 each year in dues.   If we do not receive the LCCMR grant for 2008/2010 we need to decide if we wish to continue treatment of the lake plus spraying for worms which will take about $15,000.00 of the general fund dollars.  No action was taken at this time.



Letter was received from the US Department of Agriculture regarding the building of any public buildings which they might assist with.


T. Bonde sent to each Board member a copy of the study completed by Dick Osgood and Steve McComas for the Green Lake Board of April 2003.




R. Minke stated no worms have been found.  It was a light year for the worms.

Education/Web Page:

M. Quale  did not have any additional information to report. Did remind the Board of the program next Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. about EVERYTHING YOU WISH TO KNOW ABOUT LOONS.

Lake Management:

G. Broman presented information to the Board about the LCCMR Grant Application which the Committee has been working on.  This proposal is due September 4th 2007, which must be submitted electronically.  The proposal input instructions are quite strict and it is limited to 3 pages. The Lake Management Committee has engaged Dick Osgood to be the Project Manager of the Program, under the oversight of the GLPOA Lake Management Committee. The program, if approved, will begin 01 July 2008 and run until 30 June 2011.   The program approach is to evaluate four (4) different control approaches and determine their effectiveness in Green Lake, these being (1) Herbicide treatment, (2) biological treatment, (3) manual removal with divers, and (4) deep cutting removal.   We need to repeat the Green Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan which was completed in 2003.  We have asked the MFCRWD to pay for this study.  G. Broman presented a Green Lake Milfoil Pilot Study Program Team for the Board to study.  G. Broman presented a letter which needs to included with the application  stating the GLPOA will submit the application, to the LCCMR Board showing our total support.  Motion  by R. Stehn, seconded by M. Quale to approve the cover letter for the application.  Motion carried.   Additional questions were asked by Board Members about the final cost of the program, cost over run, etc.   The Board will receive a copy of proposal prior to being sent to the LCCMR Board.

Sewer & Water:

R. Stehn reported about the problem of the sewer near Indian Beach area.   Water leakage continues to be a problem within the Green Lake system. 


No Report from K. TerWisscha.

Water Quality/DNR/Fishing:

No Report from T. Broman.   R. Stehn asked if we should appoint a member of the GLPOA Board to serve on the committee for stocking of fish in Green Lake, to also serve on The Lake Fishing Committee. 



T. Frazee reported that 67 spots were treated for Eurasian Water Milfoil within Green Lake at a cost of $7,235.00.  The largest area, being 1.25 acres, was found in the channel of Indian Beach.  The GLPOA paid for this permit plus the treatment of the area.   The DNR office does not have enough buoys

to place at areas that are treated.   The DNR will be on Green Lake on Tuesday, 11 September 2007, to look at the areas for the positive work of the chemical treatment.  A report will be coming from them, later.



Discussion was held asking property owners not to feed geese during the summer months, as they will continue to return to the same area each year.

T. Frazee explained to the Board about the Patrol Service which is available for the Green Lake Property Owners during the winter months.  For the 2005-06 year, we needed to take $1,000.00 from the general fund to carry the Patrol Fund.  At the annual meeting in June 2007, members present were notified that due for 2008-2009 year may increase.  To break even, we need a minimum of 135 members for the 2006-07 year.   Motion by J. Nelson, seconded by D. Gunderson to increase Patrol Service payment from $25.00 to $30.00 per year beginning with the 2008-2009 year.  Motion carried.

T. Frazee reminded the Board of the LOON presentation on Friday, 24 August 2007, at the Green Lake Bible Camp to begin at 7:00 p. m..  Also reminded Board members of news articles which will be due on Monday 27 August by 9:00 a. m..

Motion by D. Gunderson, seconded by R. Stehn to adjourn until the September meeting.


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