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Green Lake Property Owners Association
Annual Meeting
Friday, 15 June 2007 - 7:00 PM
Green Lake Bible Camp

The 2007 Annual Meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was called to order at 7:00 P M by Chairperson Jill Nelson.  A court of 96 members and guests were present. 

President Nelson welcomed members, thanked the Green Lake Bible Camp for the coffee which they provided plus the use of their building.   Jahnke Foods of Spicer was thanked for the cookies which they donated for the evening.

Commissioner Dennis Peterson was introduced representing the County at the meeting.    President Nelson  introduced the eleven Board Members who serve on the GLPOA Board.

President Jill Nelson presented the minutes for the annual meeting of Friday, 16 June 2006.  Motion was made, seconded to approve the minutes as mailed out to all lake owners.  Motion carried.

Terry W. Frazee presented the financial statement for 06.01.06 to 05.31.07. 

Frazee explained the  Board of Directors is looking at an increase in the patrol fund for the 2008/2009 year, as this is a self funding program.  We need at least 140 people to sign up for patrol in order to break even for the year.   The Board has not set an increase but will study it for the coming year.

Julie Klocker, Administrator of the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed spoke of a growing partnership between Green Lake and the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed.   The water shed has 275 miles of which they are concerned about.   The MFCRWS comprehensive plan has 106 objectives with it.  It is a ten year plan.  A levy of $250,000.00 has been received from individuals within the watershed for the taxable year.  Five grants have been approved for the year in which they operate.   The MFCRWSD is concerned about grass clippings in the gutters (storm sewers), County Road 10 projection, Eurasian Water Milfoil  The next year will bring many new plans but need additional funding plus additional staff.  The MFCRWSD Board meets each month which is open to any interested person.  They are working on a website.   The Green Lake Property Owners Board may request  matching funds for projects, if the project is under the MFCRWSD grant applications.  Ms. Klocker stated storm issues are a problem, Diamond Lake along with Nest Lake.  We need to work on a partnership between all the lakes, rivers, and the watershed.

Dick Sternberg presented information to the members of the Green Lake Property Owners about he restoration of the biological balance of Green Lake, including he walleye fishery and ecosystem recovery.  A change in the 1997 fishing regulations found that small mouth bass have increased while the walleye population has decreased.  Other changes have found the crayfish have nearly disappeared.  Blue gill and crappie population is op.   The walleye population have declined due to poor reproduction and shortage of perch.  The question of  the small mouth being the blame is "yes it may or it may not" be the full answer.

We have found more char washing up on shore.  Char has covered the spawning  area for the walleye.  The DNR has committed to stocking 2 lbs/littoral acre in fall 2007 on a priority basis for fingerlings.  Sternberg stated Green Lake did not get stocking in 2007, as stated.  Sternberg stated we must restore the biological balance within Green Lake, and continue with "heavy" stocking.    The DNR needs to pay more attention , to located and stock additional rearing ponds.   We need to reclassify Green Lake and promote heavy stocking within the lake for many years to come.  Green Lake can not be stocked for just one year than let it remain!   We need to stock walleyes each year until we have this biological balance.  Sternberg talked about  Muskie stocking within Green Lake.   Bruce Gilbertson said the fishery department has been asked to study stocking of Muskies in Green and Nest Lake.   The Green Lake Property Owners Association has sent a letter in opposition to this until the walleye situation is restored.

Dick Osgood spoke about Exotic Species within Green Lake and where do we go now.  An inventory was completed in 2002 with Osgood and McComas.   At that time, they did not feel milfoil would be a problem for the lake, but we have found a larger growing of milfoil than was anticipated.   A map was shown  where the beds of milfoil are located within the lake,   There is opposition to the control of milfoil within all lakes in Minnesota.   The bass fisher people find milfoil a perfect covering for there fish.   There are many regulations which need to be changed in order that we might have a control over milfoil.  You need a permit from the DNR in order to treat any areas of Eurasian Water Milfoil.    At the present time 189 lakes in Minnesota have Eurasian Water Milfoil within them.   Another Exotic plant is zebra mussels.  At the present  time there is no treatment for mussels, while Milfoil may be contained.  Another concern is Hydrilla which  is found in lakes in Indiana.   We need to advocate to education to all boaters, we need to have full inspections on all boat access and controls of lakes.  Milfoil is growing at the rate of 10 lakes per year.  Discussion was held about the new "VHS spiral virus found in fish.   This virus is found in transported water, dry boats.   To do any treatment for exotic species, we need to reasonable contain it to a few acres and do spot treatments, we need to inventory plants, protect the good plants while eradicate/control the exotic"s.   In Minnesota, property owners are responsible for 150 feet out in the lake but you must have a permit from the DNR.  To apply the chemicals you must have a certified individual plus the permit which is difficult to get.   Discussion was held to ask all property owners to donate an additional $25.00 to fight milfoil.

There was no old business for the Property Owners.

Ralph Jansen informed those in attendance that  Kandiyohi County Public Works Department approached the Board about putting benches, picnic tables, and garbage containers around the lake as they are planning to do this at the outlet (fishing bridge) on the northeast side of the lake.  A meeting was held with the Public Works Department, Irving Township officials, West Central Sanitation, and the committee from the GLPOA.  It was discussed putting  five benches along with containers for pop and cans in places around the lake for people to use.   It was pointed out from the floor the Board has other concerns more important than this project.   This will be discussed at the next Board meeting.

Terry Frazee presented information to the Property Owners how we had asked Kandiyohi County for $1,500.00 and the DNR for the same amount as the GLPOA Board would put in the same dollars amount for a second inventory of Exotic Species (Eurasian Water Milfoil) on Green Lake.  The DNR refused to put money into this project.  A meeting was held with Senator Dean Elton Johnson and Rep. Juhnke asking for a bill to be presented in the Minnesota Legislature to make Green Lake a "Pilot Project for the Eradication/Control of Eurasian Water Milfoil.  A hearing in the Senate and the House of Representatives was held in March of 2007.  Those to testified were Dick Osgood, Julie Klocker, Bill and Ann Latham along with Terry Frazee.   The Senate carried the bill but the House Dropped it.   The GLPOA Board will be applying for fund from the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR).

President Jill Nelson thanked Dick Baken, Gary Broman, and Bruce Halgren for their six years of service on the GLPOA Board.

President Nelson introduced the candidates to the Board as recommended by the Green Lake Board of Directors.  These are as follows:

Ralph Jansen

Green Lake Township

Dick Gunderson

Irving Township

Ron Minke

Irving Township

Sandi Unger

New London Township

President Nelson asked three times for any other nominees.  Being none a motion was cast for the above named for three year positions, lasting to 30 June 2008.  Motion carried.

President Nelson asked if there was any other new business to be brought to the members at the annual meeting.  Being no other business, a motion was made to adjourn. 


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