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The meeting was called to order at 8:00 a. m. by Chairperson Jill Nelson.   Those in attendance were  D. Baken, G. Broman, T. Broman, B. Halgren, R. Jansen, J. Pederson, M. Quale, R. Stehn, K. TerWisscha, and T. Frazee

Absent with an excuse was G. Roverud.

Guests present were Connie Filley and Connie Simmons.

Changes in the agenda items to add were: (1) Habitat letter, (2) Benches on walking path, (3) correspondence section, (4) Executive Secretary Salary, (5) Fishing Tournaments.   With these additions, the agenda was approved as mailed out.

President Nelson  read a letter from the West Central Habitat For Humanity  office asking if we would place a notice in the GREEN LAKE BREEZE  that any home that will be re-done that the HFH people would like to have items donated to their cause.  This information will be placed in the June News letter.

President Nelson will contact the HFH office to have them write a short article about goods which they wish to have.

Motion by J. Pederson, seconded by B. Halgren to approve the minutes of the regular board meeting of Saturday, 05 May 2007.   Motion carried.

T. Frazee presented the financial report.

The Board question the past policy of sending plants to Board Members family upon their death.  Motion by J. Pederson, second by R. Jansen to discontinue this policy.  Motion carried.

T. Frazee explained to the Board that we will need to increase the Patrol Dues for the 2008/09 year.  The cost of $25.00 per year does not cover expenses for patrol.   Last fall the Board transferred $1,000.00 for the general fund to patrol fund to be in the positive for the.   We will need to transfer dollars again this year.  People who sign up for patrol receive  service for 13 times which cost is $1.92 each time.  The Board agreed that the increase will be coming for the 2008/09 year but will not set the increase at this time.

Motion to accept the treasurers report was approved.



Ralph Jansen  stated the spraying for worms was completed on Thursday, 17 May 2007 at 6:00 a. m..  It will take approximately ten days to see the effects of the spraying.



Myra Quale presented pictures of homes on the lake who have living quarters above their garage.  Discussion was held upon variances, following county city regulations for zoning.


Lake Management:

G. Broman informed the Board that the Middle Fork Crow River Partnership handbook is being printed, ready to be sold at the annual meeting.

G. Broman asked that the Green Lake Property Owners  Board start a new committee to oversee the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed to watch that Green Lake is receiving the total study which is needed.   The chairperson of this committee should be a Board Member, which will be selected at the next Board meeting.


Sewer and Water:

D. Baken did not have a report as the Sewer District will be meeting next Monday evening at 6:00 p. m..



J. Pederson reported that the City of Spicer continues to study their fence ordinance.   Discussion was held about the homes being built regarding pervious vs. impervious soil!  Kandiyohi County does not have enough people to enforce the code. Applications are presented, checked than approved or changed if needed.   There is not any follow after the plans are improved.


Water Quality/DNR:

J. Nelson reported that the training session for water testing was a very positive day, but the plan is for Green Lake to have only one testing area, whereas in the past we have had two. J. Nelson reported that the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed District would like to have the GLPOA pay for the second testing site which would be $324.00 for nine months. The question was asked why we pay for the watershed shed with our tax dollars that they should continue with two testing sits as we have had in the past.   President J. Nelson will write a letter to the Water Shed District Chairperson. Motion by R. Jansen, seconded by D. Baken that we ask the Water Shed District to continue with two testing  sites. Motion carried.




C. Filley and C. Simmons informed the Board of the project of the new park in Spicer.  Many people have volunteered assisting in putting the play ground together.  Information was passed out to Board members as to how they may assist, donation of dollars, donation of the use of tools.. President J. Nelson will contact these ladies to ask that they write a half page request for the above mentioned to be placed in the June issue of the Green Lake Breeze.


T. Frazee informed the Board that the County Public Works department is continued to study the possibility of a cul-de-sac on the west side of Green Lake.  It continues to be within a study with public hearings to be held later.

T. Frazee informed the GLPOA Board of a program on Friday evening, 24 August at the Green Lake Bible camp on Loon"s.  Pam Baker of the DNR will present this excellent program, many pictures of loons,  also explaining the migration of loons, calling of loon.   People will receive training on learning to "call loons."  More information will be coming in the August Breeze.

President J. Nelson informed the Board of the annual meeting scheduled for Friday, 15 June 2007,  at the Green Lake Bible Camp at 7:00 P. M..   Speakers of the program will be Julie Klocker, Director of the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed District speaking on "Growing Partnership - Green Lake and the MFCRWSD, What will be Watershed District Do for Green Lake."   Dick Osgood will speak on "Exotic Species within Green Lake and Minnesota. - Where Do We Go Now?", and Dick Sternberg will speak on the conclusion of his study of  Walleye Fishing in Green Lake.

G. Broman made the motion, seconded by M. Quale that the Board of Directors of the Green Lake Property Owners Association approved the slate of officers for a three year term on the Board, namely:

Green Lake Township

Ralph Jansen

11806 Indian Beach Road

Irving Township

Dick Gunderson

13778 Indian Beach Road


Ron Minke

11929 North Shore Drive

New London Township

Sandi Unger

11415 North Shore Drive

Motion carried to nominate these four persons to the GLPOA Board.

Benches on the walking path will be placed on the agenda for the annual meeting on 15 June 2007.  As of this meeting no decision has been made about GLPOA doing this.   Kandiyohi County Public Works department plans to place benches, picnic tables near the water outlet of Green Lake.

Coffee will be provided by the Green Lake Bible Camp with cookies provides by Jahnke Foods of Spicer.

T. Frazee informed the Board that Tom Moritz has agreed to do the patrol service for the 2007-2008 year which will begin the middle of October lasting until the middle of April 2008.   Tom Moritz is paid $2,500.00 for this contract season.

Discussion was held about the GLPOA being a 501-C tax exempt program now.   T. Frazee was asked to meet with Brett Aamot to see if we need to change our bi-laws, who will complete the necessary paperwork for our continuation of the 501 - C program.

Discussion was held about fishing tournaments on Green Lake.  Who is in charge, who patrols, who makes sure all boats, trailers  do not have any weeds on them coming into Green Lake or leaving the lake.  Also to make sure the "live wells" are clean.   President J. Nelson will contact  Bruce Gilbertson  of the Spicer DNR office for total concern of the Board plus clarification.

President J. Nelson asked the Board for their thoughts of raising the Executive Secretary salary from $1,800.00 to $2,500.00 for the fiscal year, being 01 June 2007 to 30 May 2008.   T. Frazee stated that was too much, suggesting it raise to $2,100.00 for the fiscal year.   Motion by G. Broman, seconded by K. TerWisscha that the executive secretary salary be increased to $2,100.00 per fiscal year.  Motion carried.

President J. Nelson asked Board Members to assist in putting labels, stamps on the June issue of the GLPOA   Breeze as this  issue is mailed to over 900 people regarding the annual meeting.

Motion to adjourn with the next meeting scheduled for Saturday, 23 June 2007.  Meeting adjourned.            

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