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The meeting was called to order at 8:00 a. m. by Chairperson Jill Nelson.   Those in attendance were D. Baken, G. Broman, T. Broman, J. Nelson, M. Quale, G. Roverud, K. TerWisscha, and T. Frazee

Absent were: B. Halgren, R. Jansen, J. Pederson, and R. Stehn.

The agenda for the meeting was approved as mailed out.

Guests were:  Ann Latham, Mike Hodapp, and Gene Kubesh.

Motion by T. Broman, seconded by G. Roverud  to approve the minutes of the 16 September 2006 regular meeting.  Motion carried.

T. Frazee presented the financial report.

Motion to accept the financial report by G. Broman, seconded by T. Broman, motion carried.




The cost of spraying Green Lake this year will increase from $7,298.00 to $8,449.00.  Increase of $1,151 or 15.77%.  We have not had an increase in three years.  Spraying will be done near, or after Memorial Day depending upon the leaves being out.

Education/Web Page:

Article in the GREEN LAKE BREEZE about walking path, riding of bikes.  Very informative.

Lake Management:

The Handbook which the Middle Fork Crow River Partnership will be published within the coming week.  We are printing 500 copies to be distributed to townships, cities, county, Water Shed District.  Extra books will be on sale for $10.00 each. The complete book will be placed on the greenlakespicer web site.

Sewer & Water:

Lake Florida will be hooked to the Sewer system in September. Henderson and George Lake are looking into hooking up.  The City of Kandiyohi and maybe Nest Lake will study.   The county is asking Diamond Lake to re-consider joining the Sewer District.


No Report

Water Quality/DNR:

Jill Nelson and Ann Latham attended a water monitoring class one week ago upon the use of T-Tubes, secci disc for Green Lake.  More volunteers are needed. 



Jill Nelson presented the Board with T. Frazee"s flight cost for flying back to Minnesota to testify in the House and Senate hearing about Green Lake asking for a pilot project for the eradication/control of Eurasian Water Milfoil.  Motion by G. Broman, seconded by  D. Baken to approve payment $914.60.  Motion carried.



Ann Latham presented a report about walleye fishing which Dick Sternberg had completed for Green Lake.  After much discussion about the process of DNR/Walleye fishing, a motion  by G. Broman seconded by G. Roverud to donate $1,000.00 toward the Green Lake Fishery    Project.   Motion carried.

President J. Nelson introduced a resolution that would oppose fish stocking of muskellunge in Green Lake.    Motion to adopt the resolution  by G. Broman, seconded by K. TerWisscha. Motion carried.  (Copy of resolution on file with Executive Secretary).

K. TerWisscha presented information about the meeting which was held this spring about property taxes on Green Lake.  The group is looking at finding an attorney who deals with taxation.   The committee will continue to meet, reporting back to the full board. 

A. Latham and T. Frazee presented information about the Pilot Project of Green Lake for the eradication/control of Eurasian water milfoil.  Rep. A. Juhnke reported that there were noindividual projects for invasive adapted by the legislature in the final bill. 

Senator J. Gimse reported the status of the environmental omnibus bill (S.F. 1312) is that it was recommended to pass on 30 April.  It was placed on general orders and has yet to have its third reading. 

G. Broman stated that we must continue to work on this with the local and state leaders.  We must not allow this to stop as the work must continue through out the year. 

Discussion was held about the walking path around Green Lake, the location of benches along with garbage containers.  West Central Sanitation will provide containers large enough for pop cans, bottles, etc.   They will pick up each week without any charge.  At the present time there has not            been any "specified" places for benches.   Donations will be received for benches.   The townships and county have been advised of this program.  Kandiyohi County will be placing benches, tables, etc. at the outlet located on the northeast side of the lake. 

Discussion was held about the Annual Meeting scheduled for Friday, 15 June 2007, at the Green Lake Bible Camp.  Four speakers for 15 minutes each will speak, being: (1) Julie Klocker, 2) Dick Osgood, (3) Steve McComas, (4) Dick Sternberg.  Information will be forthcoming in the June BREEZE.

Candidates for the Board to be replaced are: (1) Dick Baken, (2) Gary Broman (3) Bruce Halgren, and (4) Ralph Jansen.   Baken, Broman, and Halgren have served two three year terms.  President J. Nelson,  appointed a committee of Baken, Broman, Halgren, and Jansen to meet with T. Frazee for nominations for a three year term. 

D. Baken  discussed the rebuilding of the New London Dam.  We need to watch this construction as any "tainted" waters caused by construction will flow into Next Lake, than to Green Lake.It is very important that we watch this construction as it is completed. 

G. Broman asked that the GLPOA Board be very pro-active in the coming years.  We need to have a committee on the "Future of Green Lake" as we are not able to wait until something happens and than re-act!   We need to work together with outsiders!  Many of these organizations have dollars which may assist us with projects. 

T. Frazee distributed two information flyers, i. e.  new dock regulations as put out by the D.N.R. and a summary of Eurasian Watermilfoil and Zebra Mussel spread in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

Next meeting will be Saturday, 19 May 2007, at DEIDRA'S at 8:00 a. m..

Being no additional business, the meeting was adjourned.


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