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 The meeting was called to order at 8:00 a. m. by Chairperson Jill Nelson.  Those in attendance were G. Broman, T. Broman, B., Halgren, R. Jansen, J. Pederson, M. Quale, G. Roverud, R. Stehn, and T. Frazee.

Absent were:  D. Baken and K. TerWisscha.

The agenda for the 16 September 2006 meeting was approved with two additional items, (1) Watershed Handbook, and (2) Articles for the Green Lake Breeze for 2007.  Motion to approved by G. Broman, seconded by R. Jansen.  Carried.

Motion by G. Broman, seconded by B. Halgren to approve the minutes of the regular  19 August 2006, meeting.   Motion carried.

T. Frazee presented the treasurers report.

Motion carried. 



R. Jansen will contact Tery Jon in February about spraying for 2007.  Jansen received word that Nest Lake is interested in spraying for 2007.

Education/Web Page:

M. Quale sent post cards to all the Board Members explaining the Post Card section of the Web Page. She received a telephone call about spraying for mosquitoes in 2007.  President J. Nelson asked T. Frazee to check upon the spraying.

Lake Management:

No report, but discussion was held about a home on the north shore who had been paying sewer/water charges since the project was completed.   They found out they were never hooked into the sewer system.


Discussion was held about the hook up to the sewer system by residents of Lake Florida.   A consensus of the Board feels all lakes should be included into the system, not allowing choices due to the water quality of all lakes.


J. Pederson reported of individuals who have two docks located on their property.  This has been stated to the County Zoning Administrator who contacted families who are in violation of statue of Kandiyohi County.

Water Quality/D.N.R.

Jill Nelson presented graph"s to the Board showing the phosphate level of Green Lake for 2005 and 2006.   For 2006, we are below the expected level, which is great news!  J. Nelson stated she has met with President R. E. Hodapp with concerns of Green Lake toward the Watershed District.


G. Broman presented information regarding the end product of the Middle Fork Crow River/

Partnership handbook.  This final book which will be user friendly for lake people, contractors, real estate, plus builders will be going to press within two weeks.  G. Broman made a motion, seconded by J. Pederson that this book be placed upon the web site of the Green Lake Property Owners.   Motion carried.

G. Broman asked President Nelson if Frazee would set up a meeting by and between the newly hired water shed district manager and the Green Lake Board, hopefully the first week of October.

G. Broman suggested that each edition of the Green Lake Breeze, beginning in 2007, have an article upon water quality, zoning rules regulations, which will make people aware of Green Lake, as to what we are able to do . . .. and not due.


T. Frazee presented information to the Board of the transfer of $1,000.00 from the Money Market account to the Patrol Fund for the 2006-2007 year.    We need 128 homes for patrol to have a break even project.   Motion by B. Halgren, seconded by R. Stehn to approve the one time transfer.  Motion carried.

Bruce Gilbertson, of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Fisheries Division reported to the Board of the fishing within Green Lake.  Graphs were given to Board Members showing the amount of walleyes stocked in 2005:




(These have just hatched)



264 Pounds

(Hatched the Same Year but larger in size)



3,361 Pounds

(Walleyes that are at least two years Old



673 Pounds

(Beyond two years of age)


Total Pounds

4,288 Pounds

Valued at $64,470.00


Stocking on Green Lake will continue into the future.  J. Nelson, Resort Owner, stated that people are now catching walleyes.   Bruce Gilbertson presented an outstanding report to the Board.  They appreciated the information which he presented.

R. Jansen presented information to the Board of the possible rest areas near the walking path around Green Lake.  The Irving Township Board, G. Danielson,  G. Soupir and T., Frazee met in Willmar on Friday, 01 September to discuss the placement of 8 rest stops with benches plus trash containers.  West Central Sanitation will provide the containers along with picking them up each week during the summer period.

Kandiyohi County would like to extend the area by the outlet, northeast side of the lake, with picnic tables, and more parking.   It was asked to mark the walking path with a stenciled sign saying "1/2 mile" around the lake.  This will be completed by the county early in 2007.   R. Jansen  will work with G. Soupir and G. Danielson writing a grant for 2007 from the Minnesota D. N. R.

J. Nelson presented information about the Spicer Beautification Program, showing the plans for the park located in central Spicer on Green Lake.

T. Frazee explained to the Board about the possible cul-de-sac located on the west side of Green Lake.   A group of residents, petitioned to the County Board two years ago about having this.  The County Commissioners asked the Public Works Department to make a complete detailed study.   A hearing of this proposal will  be held in October or November 2006.

Discussion was held about printing the Green Lake Directory every two years rather than three years as during the past.   Ideas were to print the names of new residents in the  June Green Lake Breeze than stay with every three years.   No action was taken. 

J. Nelson asked T. Frazee to discuss the Minnesota Waters Conference which he attended for three days in Duluth.  While at the conference Frazee asked Chip Welling, Director of Eurasian Watermilfoil to come to Green Lake for a complete detailed study of the exotic plant.  This meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 05 October 2006, at 10:30 a.m. at the Salisbury Beach Boat Access.  Following a study on Green Lake, the meeting will continue at DEIDRA'S over lunch.   J. Nelson and T. Frazee have written a grant with the Water Quality Board of Kandiyohi County to pay for a portion of this cost. 

Frazee also reported about the C.C.C. program which will come to Green Lake during the summer of 2007 to meet with interested lake owners about fixing their lake shore property next to the lake.   Also for the summer of 2007, will be a program "What you have always Wanted To Know About Loons."

J. Nelson asked the Board for a motion to pay for Frazee"s registration at the conference, motel room, and registration.   Motion by G. Broman, seconded by T. Broman to pay upon receipts provided.

The next scheduled meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association will be held on Saturday, 28 April 2007, in DEIDRA'S at 8:00 A. M.


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