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The Regular meeting was called to order at 8:00 a. m. by Chairperson Bruce Halgren.  Those in attendance were D. Baken, B. Halgren, R. Jansen, J. Nelson, M. Quale, K. TerWisscha, M. Wacholz, and T. Frazee.

Absent was G. Roverud.

Absent with called in excused was G. Broman, T. Broman, and J. Pederson.

The agenda for the meeting was adopted with two additional items, i.e.  6.7 Grass clippings with a meeting with the City of Spicer, and Water Shed District and 6.8  Ralph Jansen about the benches around Green Lake.   Motion to accept the agenda was approved.

The minutes of the regular meeting of 29 April 2006 were approved by D. Baken seconded by R. Jansen.  Motion carried.

Motion by Marlin Wacholz, seconded by K. TerWisscha to approve the treasures report.


1. Caterpillar:

Chairperson R. Jansen reported the spraying for tent caterpillars had been completed.  Spraying was done on Friday, 19 April 2006, at approximately 7:00 a. m.  Radio Stations and the West Central Tribune were contacted. Board members stated the helicopter made many passes over their homes.   The cars that were outside did have the spray upon them.


2. Education/Web Page

M. Quale stated we need to do more to promote the web page.   Many interesting items are placed upon this page.  The Sheriff"s page has been update now; new pictures will be added for the postcard division.


3. Lake Management

In absence of G. Broman, Chairperson B. Halgren reported about the Old Mill Inn.   The DNR has removed their monitoring equipment.  The attorneys from both sides were working on the number of slips which will be allowed. Information is based upon the number of slips in 1992.  The Old Mill Inn may have one (1) 80 foot dock with five (5) 30 foot sections going toward the dam/lagoon.   Chairperson B. Halgren, along with Vice Chair J. Nelson to arrange a meeting with Dr. R. E. Hodapp regarding Lake Management.


4. Sewer / Water:

Chairperson D. Baken informed the Board of the large amount of water which is being lost.   For the four months of the new year 40% of the water is leaking.


5. Variance:

No report of Variances this past month.

6. Water Quality/DNR

J. Nelson reported the testing of the steams and Green Lake will begin the last week of May, testing every other week until the 19th of September.   "T Tube" Testing is a 60 inch tube which measures the clarity of the water.  This is also being  used this year under the direction of D. Baken


M. Wacholz reported the DNR states milfoil is less than one acre in Green Lake.  Some spots are2 or 3 plants.  The bass regulations have been from Green Lake.   People in charge of fishing tournaments are responsible to have all boats checks for exotic species before and after being on Green Lake.  M. Wacholz will write a report of the fishing regulations for Green Lake for the next BREEZE.



No Old Business to be reported.



Discussion was held about monetary funds for the airplane repair.  After much discussion the GLPOA decided not to donate any monies at this time.

Chairperson B. Halgren called upon T. Frazee to explain the membership vs. mailing of the Green Lake Breeze.   Frazee explained the membership for the past year was 608 members out of 951 located on Green Lake or 66.66%.   When G. Anderson was President of the Green Lake Property Owners Association her request to mail THE BREEZE to all property owners in hopes that the newsletter would provide information to those who had not joined.   The membership each year has been between 62 to 67 percent.   There has not been a gain in membership by this program.   The cost to send the May issue of THE BREEZE was $713.00 for printed (79cents each) plus postage of thirty nine cents for a total of $1.18 for each copy.   A total of 342 copies are mailed to non members each time.   The cost for the mailing is $403 or $2,017.00 for the five copies of THE BREEZE.   Motion by J. Nelson, seconded by D. Baken that the June newsletter to be sent to all property owners but with the July issue only to those who have paid their dues of $35.00.   Motion carried by 4 - 3 vote.   An article will be placed in the June issue to remind home owners that unless dues are paid, this would be your last issue.

Discussion was held about grass clippings be blown on the roads around Green Lake.   The GLPOA has asked people to please mow the first four or five rounds into the middle rather than on the road.  This information was placed in THE BREEZE in May of 2004, May 2005, which a full page was placed in the May 2006 newsletter about items that go into the storm sewer.   Motion by M. Wacholz, seconded by R. Jansen that Chairperson B. Halgren meet with the City of Spicer along with a representative of the Water Shed District to discuss this issue.

Discussion was held upon the Power Points for the Annual Meeting which is scheduled for

Friday, 16 June 2006, at the Green Lake Bible Camp beginning at 7:00 P.M.    Those who have been invited to speak, and have accepted, are:  Dr. R. E. Hodapp to discuss the Watershed District, Gary Geer, Zoning Administrator of Kandiyohi County to talk on "What We Can Do. . . What We Can Not Do", Skip Wright, DNR Hydrologist of the Water Quality of Green Lake, and Sheriff Dan Hartog to discuss Speeding and Water Patrol within Green Lake.

The Election of Three Candidates for positions of three years beginning on 01 July 2006 were approved by the Board of the Green Lake Property Owners.  These candidates will be presented as a slate to the public at the annual meeting.   Candidates are:

Jill Nelson


Tom Broman


Roger Stehn

Irving Township

Discussion was held regarding the 2006 Directory.   The Directory will be mailed to each person when the Dues are received.  Dues for 2006-2007 year are $35.00.

R. Jansen discussed a meeting which he had with Don Williamson of West Central Sanitation, Gary Danielson Public Works Director of Kandiyohi County, Gregg Soupier DNR Trails Director regarding placing benches with trash containers along the walking path around Green Lake.  Motion by K. TerWisscha, seconded by D. Baken that R. Jansen continue to work on this project.

Next meeting is the annual meeting on Friday, 16 June followed by the regular GLPOA meeting on Saturday, 24 June at 8:00 a. m. at Heritage Bank.

 Meeting Adjourned.



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