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FRIDAY, 16 JUNE 2006 - 7:00 P. M.

The 2006 Annual Meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Chairperson Bruce Halgren. A count of 87 members and guests were present.

President Halgren welcomed members, thanks the Green Lake Bible Camp for the coffee and use of facilities. Thank you was offered to Bolton and Men, Inc. engineering firm for providing the cookies for the annual meeting.

Guests introduced were County Commissioners Dean Shuck and Dick Larson. Sheriff Dan Hartog, Senator Dean Elton Johnson, and Representative Al Juhnke.

Terry W. Frazee presented the minutes for the annual meeting of Friday, 17 June 2005. Motion was made, seconded to approve the minutes as mailed out to all lake owners. Motion carried.

Terry W. Frazee presented the financial statement for 06.01.05 to 05.31.06.

Question was asked about sending GLPOA Breeze to only dues paying members. President Halgren stated that the Board studied the past years regarding this, approving only to send THE BREEZE to people who have paid their dues. Motion to accept the financial statement was made, seconded, and carried.

Sheriff Dan Hartog reported upon Buoys within Green Lake. Buoys" must be 14 inches above the water line with the correct marking upon them. Sheriff Hartog presented information to the Members present about making your own buoys. This will be presented in the July BREEZE of 2006. Sheriff Hartog reported that any person under 10 years of age must wear a life jacket at all time. Any permits for rafts may be made to the Sheriff"s office. These permits are for two year period. The Sheriff Office will enforce all speeding around Green Lake with tickets given. Sheriff Hartog explained that the road on the northeast corner of Green Lake is NOT open for general passage. Any vehicle traveling around the barriers will receive a ticket. Question was asked about the WEST CENTRAL TRIBUNE having a story that the road was open for thru traffic. Sheriff Hartog stated he had spoken to the Public Works Director of which that is not true. Any person who travels thru the barrier is in violation, of which a ticket may be issued.


Dr. R. E. Hodapp, President of the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed District presented information about the newly formed District. This District was formed a little over one year ago under Mn. State Statute 103D, special unit whose responsibility is to address problems with water quantity and quality within boundaries of the watershed. Statue permits ad valorum taxation to help finance the District activities. During the past year the Water Shed Board of Supervisors has been laying the ground work for the organization. Monthly meeting are open to the public to attend. They are looking for a full time administrator who is experienced in environmental issues to oversee projects, manage office, advise board, and make grant applications. Writing water management plan, formal documents which lists and prioritized water related problems within our district as well as short and long term strategies to address the problems as receiving input from technical advisors, citizen advisory committee. Developing the plan is the most important thing which the Board of Supervisors will do, it defines our goals, standard and strategies. This plan will define who we are, how we interact with other units of government and agencies, which must be approved before the local water shed district is allowed to take on any projects.


Skip Wright of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources presented information, showing slides of the State of Green Lake. This is Skip"s 17th year of providing the Green Lake Property Owners this information. Slides shown was a 3 year process for monitoring of the lake, the areas which are monitored along with measurement. The year of 2005 was the 4th wettest year in the past 112 years of record keeping on the lake. We received 12 inches more rain than normal. On 26th of August 2005, we received over 5 inches of rainfall. Following the summer evaporation, it usually takes 3 1/2 years to replenish the water. After the 2005 year, 70 % of the water was replenished due to the wet season. Skip explained that 1 pound of phosphorus may produce up to 500 pounds of algae in Green Lake. Please do not use any fertilizer with Phosphorus within the contents. The reading within Green Lake for phosphorus is very good at 16 ppb while Nest Lake shows over 30 ppb. The water clarity in 2005 during the spring was at 20 feet, falling to 6 feet during the summer months, but back to 18 feet during the fall of 2005.

Question was asked about putting in curb and gutter or letting water from road run on the grass. Mr. Wright stated the best solution is for the water to run on to the grass rather than have curb and gutters. It was suggested that people mow the first four or five rounds of grass toward the inside rather than to the road. Also suggested was to sweep the gutter area when finished mowing.

Discussion was held about curly leaf pond weeds. These weed grow due to the nutrients within the water.

President Halgren thanked each of the three speakers, stating that they would remain following the meeting to answer any specific questions which people wish to address.

There was not any old business to be brought forward.

President Halgren thanked Marlin Wacholz for his two three year terms on the Board.

President Halgren introduced the candidates to the Board as recommended by the Green Lake Board of Directors. These are as follows:

Tom Broman City of Spicer
Jill Nelson City of Spicer
Roger Stehn Irving Township

President Halgren asked three times for any other nominees. Being none a motion was cast for the above named for three year positions, lasting to 30 June 2009. Motion carried.

President Halgren asked if there was any other new business to be brought to the members at the annual meeting.

President Halgren called upon George Couleur to update the members upon the airplane which was removed from Green Lake last fall. At the present time, Mr. Couleur explained that the plane is being restored. The wish to built an information center in which the airplane would be put on display. The organization is looking for funding this program

Motion to adjourn the Annual Meeting for 2006. Motion Carried.

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