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The meeting was called to order by 8:00 a. m. by Chairperson Jill Nelson.  Those in attendance were D. Baken, T. Broman, B. Halgren, R. Jansen, J. Nelson, J. Pederson, M. Quale, G. Roverud, R. Stehn, and T. Frazee. 

Absent with called in excuse was G. Broman.

Absent was K. TerWisscha.

The agenda for the July 2006 meeting was approved as mailed to Board Members.

Chairperson J. Nelson had a correction for the 24 June 2006 meeting to show under item 6, Water Quality/DNR the word of "phosphorus" should be changed to clarity.  The corrected sentence should now read  "At the time, they are checking 10 inlets located on Green Lake for clarity readings."  Motion to approve the minutes, with the change, by B. Halgren, seconded by R. Stehn.  Motion carried.

Chairperson J. Nelson called upon T. Frazee for the financial report.  Frazee reported the bank is paying .5% on general checking but 5.06% on Money market accounts.  It is for that reason the checking account is low with the money market carrying the majority of the monies.   Motion by D. Baken, seconded by R. Jansen to approve the treasurers report.

Motion carried. 



No Activity caterpillars!

Web  Page:

M. Quale  reported about the problem of SPAM on the web page.  They are working to correct this.   Many new pictures and postcards have been added.


D. Baken reported that the next Sewer Board meeting will be held on Monday, 24 July at 6:00 p. m..  D. Baken reported about the EDU Analysis Update, which is for commercial property only.   Concern was that New London and Spicer would lower their rates with the Green Lake increase, but this study is for commercial property only.


Concern is still for the loss of water within Green Lake system.  For May the loss of water was 25.7%, June is 26.5%.  For the six months of January - June the loss is 36.6% loss of water within the system.


No variances have come from the County level. The City of Spicer is meeting with the American Legion about their cement parking lot regarding water run off. The City of Spicer P & Z Committee has recommended the approval of the R. V. Park west of Spicer.  This will be sent to the City Council.

Water Quality

J. Nelson reported of the shore line restoration which Lilani Peterson will write a grant for.  Additional information will be written for the next issue of the GLPOA Breeze regarding shore line restoration.   A request from a radio station for an interview of the walleye vs. bass fishing was received.  T. Frazee will contact W. Odell to see if he would represent Green Lake.



B. Halgren reported how the Green Lake Property Owners Association along with the Water shed district,  City of Spicer, New London along with others sent post cards to people living on Green Lake of Tier 1 and 2 regarding the mowing of grass upon the roads.

B. Halgren  reported that the signs reading the mowing of grass clippings have been put up around Green Lake.   He encouraged neighbors to talk to neighbors about the proper way of mowing. 


Discussion was held about the organization of a Lake Management Committee.  The GLPOA Board has had this committee in prior years, but with the formation of the Water Shed District the Board decided to drop this committee.  Upon further discussion, a motion by J. Pederson, seconded by R. Jansen for the Lake Management Committee to be form.   Members appointed to this committee will be the Past President from 2 years (J. Pederson), Past President B. Halgren,  current President J. Nelson, along with the incoming President R. Jansen.  Motion carried.

Discussion was held about the spraying of mosquito"s around Green Lake.  After much discussion the Board did not feel this would work for the betterment of the Association due to the large, deep lots.

Articles for the August BREEZE will be due on Monday, 31 July 2006.

Meeting adjourned.


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