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The regular meeting was called to order at 8:00 a. m. by Chairperson Bruce Halgren.  Those in attendance were D. Baken, R. Jansen, J. Nelson, J. Pederson, M. Quale, G. Roverud, K. TerWisscha, and T. Frazee.


Absent was: G. Broman, T. Broman, and M. Wacholz.


Two guests were present:  Dave Laursen and Dave Henle.


The agenda for the meeting was approved as printed, but the two guests wished to address  the Board about their idea for purchasing Melvin"s on Green Lake. 


Upon two items of correction of the minutes of the 19 September 2005 meeting were approved by motion of J. Nelson seconded by G. Roverud.   The two items of correction are to show (1) J. Nelson  was present at the 19 September Board meeting and 2) Guest as the meeting correct name was Marlon Willson.  Motion carried.


Motion by R. Jansen seconded by K. TerWisscha to approve the treasurers report. Motion to approve, carried.


Chairperson B. Halgren asked the Board if anyone knew of a swimming raft that was lost during the fall of  2005.  A letter has been received from Roger Ahrenholz 12970 Indian Beach Road , who had an aluminum swimming raft beach at their home.   Please contact Roger or Executive Secretary Terry Frazee.




1. Caterpillar R. Jansen has been in contact with Tery-Jon Aviation of St. Peter about spraying for worms this spring.   We plan to spray before Memorial Day, depending upon the leaf growth, worms, along with the wind direction.
2. Education/Web Page

M. Quale will meet with B. Haug regarding EducationalPrograms plus the Green Lake Web page.  T. Frazee has contact B.Haug, about updating the page.  Any information for the Web Page should be sent to B. Haug.

3. Variance

J. Pederson sends copies of variance to Board Members. Also reminded Board that He and R. Nelson serve on the Spicer Planning and Zoning Commission.

4. Lake Management

The Partnership close when the Watershed District became official on 01 January 2006.  The Partnership is working to print a handbook for

the people, but funds are needed.   The Partnership has paid all their bills to 01 January 2006.

5. Sewer & Water

D. Baken  reported about the possible hook up to Lake

Florida.   TheremBoard met last Thursday.   Diamond Lake has not had an engineering study.   Lake Calhoun has a very definite problem.

6. Water Quality

S. Wright had an excellent article within the Green Lake Breeze for the May 1st issue.   The Water Quality Board has not received any information as to when they will start sampling this year.  D. Baken talked about the "T" tube testing  program.



Chairperson B. Halgren introduced D. Laursen and D. Henle wished to talk to the GLPOA about the plan to purchase Melvin"s.  The program is based upon selling shares to raise "about" $1.5 million dollars.  Motion by J.  Pederson seconded by J. Nelson to donate the Green Lake Property Owners mailing list so information would be mailed out to all lake residents.  This motion also included the stipulation that this mailing list would be used only for this program, not to be sold to any or organization to used a second time.   Motion carried.


Motion by K. TerWisscha seconded by J. Pederson that the Board of Directors of the Green Lake Property Owners Association endorse along with support of the sale of the restaurant  as a viable concept to  becoming condo"s on Green Lake.  Motion carried.




J. Pederson reported to the Board about the formation of the Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District.   J. Pederson serves as an advisor to the main Board.  





B. Halgren talked about the printing of the Green Lake Breeze plus the Directory each year.   J. Pederson that this is a decision of the person in charge of gathering the material to go where s/he feels it would be best.


B. Halgren asked Board Members that prior to taking a position with a Board outside the GLPOA that the GLPOA Board be allowed to nominate people from Green Lake.  The entire Board felt this is a procedure which should be followed.


B. Halgren discussed the Directory for 2006.  Two pictures have been received for the cover.  M. Quale and J. Nelson will select the cover picture for the 2006 Directory.   M. Quale will contact  T. Frazee for changes which she finds prior to 15 May 2006 which is the printing date.


T. Frazee explained to the Board that when dues are received the new directory will be mailed out.


B. Halgren discussed with the Board the Annual Meeting which is set for Friday,16 June 2006, at the Green Lake Bible Camp to begin at 7:00 P. M..   Bolton & Menk will provide the coffee and cookies for the annual meeting.


B. Halgren  that Board Members T. Broman and J. Nelson are eligible for re-election for a 3 year term.   Board member M. Wacholz will have completed his second three year term, of which we need to find a replacement with the Irving Township area.   B. Halgren and T. Frazee will accept names for this three year position.


Discussion was held about PowerPoints for the Annual Meeting:  The idea was to keep the PowerPoints very informative but as short as possible.  Suggested speakers are: 1) Dr. Bob Hodapp speaking for the Water Shed District, 2) Skip Wright to discuss the water conditions on Green Lake, 3) Gary Geer, Zoning Administrator to speak on "What we May Do and What We May Not Do To Our Property", (4) Dan Hartog to discuss speeding about the lake, water safety within Green Lake, (5) Gary Danielson to discuss the Bridge on the northeast side of the lake along with the fishing pier.


T. Frazee informed the Board that a grant will be written for benches, waste containers along the walking path on the north, east and south side of the lake.   A committee of R. Jansen, Gary Danielson, Don Williams, Greg Soupier, and T. Frazee  will work with this project.


R. Jansen reported on the 501-C Tax Exempt program which the Green Lake Property Owners  applied for last October.   Brett Aamot has completed all the paper work for this project.   We should receive word within 120 days if we are approved for the Tax Exempt program.


T. Frazee reported that Tom Moritz  will do the patrol service for the 2006-2007 year.


Next scheduled meeting is Saturday, 20 May 2006 at the Heritage Bank at 8:00 a. m.


Meeting Adjourned.



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