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The regular meeting was called to order at 8:00 a. m. by Chairperson Jon Pederson. Also present were D. Baken, G. Broman, B. Halgren, B. Haug, R. Jansen, J. Rieth, M. Wacholz, and T. Frazee

Absent were G. Anderson and J. Nelson. Absent with excuse was T. Broman.

George Couleur was present as a guest of the Board of Directors.

A change in the agenda was listed for 6.6 - Donation to the Spicer Commercial Club for $1,000.00 for 4th of July Fireworks. Motion to approve agenda as mailed out.

Minutes of the regular 30 April 2005 were approved by B. Halgren, seconded by M. Wacholz. Motion carried.

Motion to approve the financial conditions was made by G. Broman, seconded by D. Baken showing the year end conditions of finance:

As stated in the April 30, 2005 meeting General Fund dues will need to be increased. B. Halgren, M. Wacholz, and T. Frazee will meet to make a recommendation for increase for June 2006.


Caterpillar: B. Halgren stated he has been in touch with TeryJon Aviation about spraying the lake for worms prior to Memorial Day. It was suggested that we wait until after Memorial Day as most of the leaves are not mature at this time
Education/Web Page B. Haug will contact Sheriff Dan Hartog about the annual meeting to have him discuss buoys on the lake, diving rafts, along with speeding. B. Haug will also contact Skip Wright about writing for the web page of the Study completed during the year of 2004. B. Haug will remain as the Chairperson of the Web Page for the coming year. Any person who wishes to add information to the web page is asked to contact B. Haug.
Highway 23/Variance J. Pederson reported that the county has not received any variances during the past month.
Sewer/Water: D. Baken reported that the next Sewer Board meeting is scheduled for Monday evening, 30 May 2005.
Water Quality/DNR M. Wacholz reported that the program for water testing is again scheduled for Green Lake. Reference was made to the article in the Green Lake Breeze by Tom Bonde, explaining the water clarity for 2004 year remained constant at 14 feet.
Lake Management: G. Broman reported of the meeting held with Gary Geer, Skip Wright, and Spicer Mayor Bill Taylor regarding marina"s along with Kandiyohi County and Spicer statue of docks. Kandiyohi County has made many changes regarding docks, number of boats for each parcel of land on Green Lake. At the present time, each physical lot developed may hold no more than four (4) boats, canoe"s, sailboats, wet ski"s. Skip Wright has sent a letter to The Old Mill Inn regarding their dock arrangement.

Notice was made of the public meeting to be held in late June sponsored by DNR as proposed for the walleye fishing in Green Lake.

It was suggested that the executive secretary receive a copy from Duane Hanson regarding his information regarding walleye fishing. This letter to be published in the next Green Lake Breeze.


T. Frazee reported to the Board about the marking of storm sewers stating "Drains To Lake." Frazee has been in contact with the DNR, Paul Rassmussen and Al Rice of MnDOT. MnDOT will provide five gallons of yellow paint to mark all storm sewers. Frazee was asked to check with Sheriff Hartog about the "prisoner work program."

G. Broman reported on the large number of carp near Morgandale Resort. It was suggested that

the GLPOA study this matter of removing the carp. A permit is needed from DNR plus finding someone who would purchase the carp. A firm in Iowa would purchase the fish for 10 cents a pound. Other suggestions were discussed.


George Couleur presented the history of the airplane which crashed in Green Lake on 14 October.

The plane was located a few years ago, with the release to the press in the fall of 2004. Mr. Couleur asked the Board to write a letter of support in raising this airplane. G. Couleur and T. Frazee have talked to family members about it. The Carey Family is supportive of removing the plane from Green Lake placing it on a pedestal within the City of Spicer. Chairperson J. Pederson will send a letter stating the Green Lake Property Owners support this program.

T. Frazee presented information that the Green Lake Property Owners along with Mel"s Sport Shop will sponsor a "Lead Tackle Exchange" on Thursday, 25 August 2005 between 2:00 and 7:00 P. M.


Discussion was held about the dock extending from the Old Mill Inn out to the lake, than turning west in front of Rice Estates.

The 2005 Green Lake Property Owners Board Meeting is scheduled for Friday evening, 17 June 2005, at the Green Lake Bible Camp to begin at 7:30 p.m.

The Executive Committee of the GLPOA presented to the entire Board the following names for approval to be placed as nominees for the four (4) Board positions:

1. Jon Pederson City of Spicer

2. Myra Quale Green Lake Township

3. Greg Roverud New London Township

4. Kelly Terwisscha New London Township

Motion by G. Broman, seconded by J. Rieth to accept these nominees. Motion carried.

The agenda for the Annual meeting will be as follows:

1. Water Shed District

2. Water Safety Rules and Speeding

3. Leilani Peterson Shoreline Habitat

4. Skip Wright State of the Water

Motion by M. Wacholz, seconded by J. Rieth for donation of $1,000.00 to the Spicer Commercial Club Fire works on July 4th. Motion carried.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, 25 June 2005 at 8:00 A. M. at the Heritage Bank Building in Spicer.

Motion by B. Halgren, seconded by J. Rieth to adjourn. Motion carried.


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