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FRIDAY, 17 JUNE 2005

The 2005 Annual Meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairperson Jon Pederson. A count of 97 members were present.

President Pederson welcomed members, thanked the Green Lake Bible Camp for the coffee and use of facilities. Thank you was offered to Bolton and Menk, Inc. Engineering firm for providing the cookies.

Guests introduced were County Commissioners Dennis Peterson and Dean Shuck, Sheriff Dan Hartog, Gary Geer of the Zoning Office of Kandiyohi County, Green Lake Township Chairperson Brian Hedtke, Marlys Larson representing the City of Spicer, State Senator Dean Elton Johnson, Representative Al Juhnke, and Representative Bud Heidgerken.

Also introduced were the Queen Candidates for the Miss Spicer Contest. These young women were selling flares to the membership for "Ring Around The Lake" on the 4th of July.

President Pederson informed members that the Walleye Forces has placed post cards on the table for interested people to sign concerning the walleye/small mouth bass problem on Green Lake.

President Jon Pederson presented the minutes for the annual meeting of Friday, 25 June 2004. Motion was made, seconded to approve the minutes as mailed out to all lake owners. Motion carried.

Terry Frazee presented the financial statement for 06.01.04 to 05.31.05.

Frazee explained to the membership that three years ago the Board of Directors eliminated the fee for spraying of worms placing those dollars in the general fund. The past three years the dues have been $25.00 with no additional fee for spraying of the worms.

The financial committee will recommend to the Board of Directors that beginning in 2006/2007 year the General Dues will increase to $35.00 per year.

Question was asked about the number of worms found on the north side of the lake. The Committee will contact TeryJon, Inc. about the possibility of spaying the north side a second time.

Motion to accept the financial report was approved.

Ruth Schaefer, Board of Managers member, of the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed District stated that Bob Hodapp has been elected President, Bob Zenner as Vice President, Ruth Schaefer as the Secretary and Gordy Behm and Joe Flanders as Co-Treasurers. The Water Shed District is within their first year of setting up the program. Ruth thanked the Green Lake Property Owners for their assistance with the program and reminded people that we need to police ourselves to make the rivers and lake improve for our children.

Sheriff Dan Hartog talked about speeding, special parking permits and new ruling for under 10 year old children MUST have a life jacket on when boat is moving.

People living on county road 95 may apply for a special day permit for $50.00 or a commercial permit, when building, for 14 days for $100.00. These permits can not be used during the week of the 4th of July.

All Utility vehicles have special permits when working during the year.

Permits for swim rafts are now granted for two years rather than the one limit of past years. These may be picked up at the Sheriff"s office. There is no charge for this permit.

Skip Wright spoke on the watershed and the D.N.R. Green Lake has cleared up and we are on track but we charge you, the public, for continued watchfulness of phosphorus and management decisions.

Impervious coverage has increased to 31 percent around the lake.

At the present time five lakes and five streams are being monitored. Secchi disc has shown that the clarity of the lake is the best in the past twenty five years. The disc recently showed 23 feet of clarity.

Gary Geer, Zoning Administrator of Kandiyohi County, talked about marina"s, docks, and boat slips.

For each personal site you are allowed one dock, with four mornings.

Question was asked about second tier development with purchase of first tier lot for dock and boat usage. The same applies for one dock and four mornings.

Question was asked about the Old Mill Inn regarding the number of slips and their dock. The DNR and Kandiyohi County are aware and working on this problem.

Board Member Gary Broman presented three maps for people to look at following the meeting. Broman asked all members to please mow grass "in" rather than on the streets as the clipping will end up in Green Lake.

Leilani Peterson, Shoreline Habitat Specialist of the D.N.R., spoke on protecting quality of water, the fish and wildlife habitat, lowering erosion, ways of using natural growth for privacy, along with beauty of our shorelines, endurance of natural insects and also discourage Canadian Geese to come upon manicured lawns.

There was no old business.

President Pederson reminded people to check the web site, www.greenlakespicer.com for official board minutes, updates of the Sheriff"s office, DNR information, and use of post cards to send to your friends around the country promoting Green Lake.

New Business:

President Pederson asked the membership if they had any new business to be brought to the Annual Meeting. There was no additions for new business.

President Pederson introduced the candidates to the Board as recommended by the Green Lake Board of Directors, These are as follows:

1. Jon Pederson City of Spicer

2. Myra Quale Green Lake Township

3. Greg Roverud New London Township

4. Kelly TerWisscha New London Township

President Pederson asked three times for any other nominees. Being none a motion was cast for the above named for three year positions, lasting to 30 June 2008. Motion carried.

President Pederson thanked Board Members who term expired this year for their excellent work habits, these being Gwynne Anderson, Bonnie Haug, and Jim Rieth.

Motion to adjourn the Annual Meeting for 2005. Motion carried.


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