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SATURDAY, 22  MAY  2004

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 A. M. by Chairperson Gary Broman.  Also present were D. Baken, B. Halgren, W. Halvorson, B. Haug, J. Rieth, M. Wacholz, and T. Frazee

Absent with excused means were: G. Anderson and J. Nelson.  Absent were T. Broman and J. Pederson.

There were no guests present.

M. Wacholz asked to add one agenda item, labeled as 6.4 - Fishing.   Approved.

Motion by B. Halgren, seconded by B. Haug to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of 24 April 2004.  Motion carried.

Treasurer M. Wacholz presented the treasurers report.

T. Frazee  explained to the Board that he cashed in $10,000.00 of the General Fund C. D. as we had cash flow problems for the month of May.

Motion by Rieth, seconded by Halvorson to approve the treasurer"s report as submitted.  Motion carried.



Chairperson B. Halgren reported that he has been in touch with TeryJon, Inc. (Jay) for possible spraying for worms for next week, depending upon the weather.

B. Halgren and T. Frazee met with the Spicer City Council of which they will donate $150.00 for spraying.


Education/Web page:

B. Haug reported about the meeting at the Bible Camp on Friday, 11 June with the Kandiyohi County Assessor.  The meeting will begin at 7:30 P. M. with items to be discussed as the market value of home in/around Green Lake.


Highway 23/Variance:

G. Broman reported that the beams have been installed for the bridge crossing on highway #23.


Lake Management:

G. Broman reported to the Board about the water shed association meeting held at the Bible Camp, Tuesday 25 May 2004 of which 40 people attended.   G. Broman presented an update of the 1996 project of which will be discussed at the scheduled meeting on Tuesday, 25 May at the Green Lake Bible Camp.  G. Broman also explained of a second option being a Water Shed District.

J. Rieth suggested that we check into the Bounty Program of which Chairperson G. Broman will do.

Julie Westerling"s report at the first meeting was given good reviews.

G. Broman asked the Executive Secretary to extend an invitation to the Diamond Lake Association.


Sewer & Water:

D. Baken reported at the last Sanitary Sewer and Water District meetings, the board started two projects exploring ways to expand our under capacity sewer system.   The first required the formation of a sub committee to explore the political and cost parameters involved in extending The sewer trunk lines beyond the present mandated boundaries.   The second authorized the engineering firm of Bolton and Menk to develop a feasibility cost study for connecting the Nest Lake, Gold View, and Trailer Park to our sewer system.   This system requires individual residential grinder pumps and high pressure and small piping, which connects directly to our force mains.    The system uses direct boring thus eliminates the road way repair costs of our conventional system.


Water Quality/D.N.R.

Chairperson M. Wacholz report that he and Board Member Jill Nelson met with Skip Wright of the DNR.   They will monitor Green Lake during the summer months.   They asked for funds for their monitoring program.  Chairperson G. Broman that the funds for this will come from the $20,000.00 total program of the Watershed Association.

G. Broman talked about the continued contact with Kandiyohi County to sweep the roads, storm gutters along with the bike path during the summer months.

G. Broman discussed the Green Lake Property Owners Association Annual meeting which is scheduled for the third Friday of June.   Due to many problems, motion by B. Haug seconded by M. Wacholz to change the meeting date to the fourth Friday of June, which will be the 25th.   Motion carried.

Motion by D. Baken, seconded by J. Rieth that Bonnie Haug remain on the Green Lake Property Owners Association Board for her tenure which ends 30 June 2005.   Motion carried.

Board member W. Halvorson term will expire on 30 June 2004.   The entire Board expressed their deep thank you for W. Halvorson for his six years of service.

Board members D. Baken, G. Broman, and B. Halgren have been nominated to continue their service for a second three year term on the Board.   A replacement to W. Halvorson has been selected, but the board is waiting for confirmation from this person.   The candidate will represent Green Lake Township between County Road 95 and the Irving Township border.

Chairperson G. Broman presented six power point suggestions for the Board"s consideration.  These items are: (1) Julie Westerling or Jay Michaels to speak about NEMO, (2) Middle Fork Crow River Lakes Association, (3) Green Lake Water/Sewer Update by Ron Hagemeier or Gary Danielson, (4) Paul Jurick of the Minnesota Highway Department about Highway 23/Bridge over Crow River, (5) Kandiyohi County Sheriff Dan Hartog, and (5) Greg Soupir about County Park # 5 Boat Landing and the Bridge over the Green Lake outlet.

The annual meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. of which Bolton and Menk, Inc. will provide the cookies.

Motion by M. Wacholz, seconded by B. Haug that the Green Lake Property Owners present a donation to the Spicer Commercial Club for $1,000.00 to be used for the 4th of July Fireworks program. Motion carried.

M. Wacholz presented information to the Board about the newly formed WALLEYE FOCUS group.

Motion by M. Wacholz seconded by D. Baken to donate $100.00 to the organization.   Motion carried.

Motion by B. Haug, seconded by W. Halvorson to adjourn.  Motion carried.


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