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The meeting was called to order at 8:00 A. M. by Executive Secretary Terry Frazee. Also present were G. Anderson, G. Broman, T. Broman, B. Halgren, B. Haug, R. Jansen, J. Pederson, and J. Rieth.

Absent with excused means were: D. Baken, J. Nelson, and M. Wacholz.

There were no guests present. The agenda was approved by motion of B. Haug, seconded by B. Halgren.

Motion carried.

Motion by G. Anderson, seconded by B. Halgren for Jon Pederson to serve as Chairperson for the 2004-2005 Green Lake Property Owners Association. Motion carried.

Motion by G. Broman, seconded by B. Haug for Bruce Halgren to serve as Vice President for the 2004-2005 year. Motion carried.

Motion by B. Halgren, seconded by Jim Rieth for Bonnie Haug to serve as Secretary for the 2004-2005 year along with Marlin Wacholz to serve as Treasurer for the 2004-2005 year. Motion carried.

Chairperson J. Pederson showed the following committees for the year with those to serve as follows:

Caterpillar Education/Web Page

1. Bruce Halgren 1. Bonnie Haug

2. Terry Frazee 2. Jill Nelson

Lake Management Sewer and Water

1. Gary Broman 1. Dick Baken

2. Bruce Halgren 2. Terry Frazee

3. Jon Pederson

4. Gwynne Anderson

Variance Water Quality/DNR

Selected at next Board meeting 1. Jill Nelson

2. Marlin Wacholz

Motion by B. Halgren, seconded by T. Broman to approve the treasurers report for the month of July 2004.

Motion carried

Motion by B. Halgren, seconded by J. Rieth to approve the minutes of the regular meeting 22 May 2004, Special Meeting of 25 June 2004, and Annual Meeting of 25 June 2004. Motion carried.



Discussion was held about the Annual Meeting at Faith Lutheran Church in Spicer on 25 June 2004. It was the consensus of the Board that the meeting was very pro-active. Julie Westerlund"s presentation was very good along with the attendance from Property Owners. The only negative item was difficulty in seeing any over heads due to the light within the room.

A thank from the Board was given to Tom Bonde for his many years of service to Green Lake.

G. Broman and T. Frazee met with Gregg Soupir, Skip Wright, Bruce Gilbertson of D. N. R. along with Gary Danielson of the Kandiyohi County Public Works Department regarding the boat access located to the east of County Park Number 5. This is a joint effort by the DNR and Kandiyohi County as DNR is paying for the boat access which will than be maintained by The Public Safety Department of Kandiyohi County.

Concerns of the boat access is the water which will run directly into the lake. Holding ponds are not possible within the property. They will retain as many of the trees as possible by putting the road on the west side of the access. Additional items will be incorporated to stop run off into the lake.



G. Broman presented information about the Middle Fork Crow River/Lakes Partnership which has been formed with seven lakes, seven townships along with the Cities of Spicer and New London.

At the present time Jill Nelson is in charge of monitoring the lakes with assistance from Graden West.

G. Broman presented a map of Green Lake which D. Baken has been working on showing the number of inlets to Green Lake which number 38 total. Some of these drain directly into the lake while others are filtered prior to their entry. This is a concern for quality water within the lake.

G. Broman stated a committee will be set up to look at ways to find dollars to fund our programs. At the present time we are looking at one of two ways, being: (1) sub division taxing authority by the Kandiyohi County Commissioners or (2) a Storm water taxing district as suggested by Gary Danielson. Additional information will be forthcoming regarding this.

At the present time the Technical Committee is studying three concerns; (1) Alvig Slough located to the south of Green Lake along with development within the area, (2) the amount of phosphate which is found in the Crow River as it runs from New London to Nest Lake than into Green Lake, (3) County Ditch 26 which runs into Lake Calhoun.

G. Broman stated that we need to have these three items of concern completed by September so we are in the process of writing grants to fund the same as mentioned above.

Discussion was held about parking located on County Road 95, located on the east side of the lake. Gary Danielson, Kandiyohi County Public Safety Director has stated that the rock located between the road and the walking path will be removed with a colored asphalt placed. Motion by J. Rieth that the Green Lake Property Owners Board will be in favor of additional parking located on the east side of the road if it does not have curb and gutter and without filtering process. Seconded by G. Anderson. Motion carried. Also a concern was made about the number of cars/trucks which park on the Walking path during the day.

T. Frazee asked Board Members to submit their article for the August edition of the Green Lake Breeze by Friday, 28 July 2004, before 9:00 a. m..

T. Frazee discussed the financial conditions of the Green Lake Property Owners Association. Discussion was held about the removal of a fee for spraying for the caterpillar worms along with increase the general dues to $25.00. As of the end of June 2004, we are down membership 17 members. With the reduction of dues/spraying into one fund the Board had the feeling we were making it easier for members to join of which our membership would increase. As of the end of June, 2004 the financial conditions are down $9,000.00 plus.

At the present time, the GLPOA will be able to operate for two years but will than need to study an increase in dues or return to a fund of caterpillar spraying.

Patrol Fund remains constant with past years.

The Board discussed the continued sending of the GREEN LAKE BREEZE to those who join and those who do not join. It was decided to send the BREEZE but ask for support of those who have not paid their dues for 2004/2005 year.

T. Frazee presented information to all Board members about meeting dates for the year, term limits along with the organizational chart for 2004-2005 year.

G. Broman asked that the Lake Management Committee meet on Wednesday, 21 July at 7:00 A. M. at DEIDRA'S located in the Heritage Bank meeting room. Those on the committee are: J. Pederson, G. Broman, B. Halgren, G. Anderson and T. Frazee.

Motion by B. Halgren, seconded by J. Rieth to adjourn. Motion carried.


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