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The meeting was called to order at 8:00 A. M. by  Chairperson Gary Broman.  Also present were G.  Anderson, D. Baken, B. Halgren, B. Haug, J. Nelson, J. Rieth, and T. Frazee.

Absent, with excused means, were W.  Halvorson, J. Pederson, and M. Wacholz.  Absent was T. Broman.

There were no guests present.

Motion by D. Baken, seconded by B. Haug to approve the minutes of the regular meetings of  13 September 2003.  Motion carried.

Motion by B. Halgren, seconded by B. Haug to accept the Treasurers report and moved for its approval.

Motion carried.



Chairperson B. Halgren reported that he will contact Tery John, Inc. to spray the last weekend of May or the first of June, depending upon the growth of the leaves on the trees.  Willmar Radio Stations along with the Willmar Tribune will be notified.    We will do everything possible to notify the residents on Green Lake.   B. Halgren and T. Frazee will meet with the Spicer City Council prior to theSpraying.


Education/Web Page:

Chairperson B. Haug states the web page is being used during the winter season.

B. Haug, J. Nelson, and T. Frazee will set up educational meetings during June, July, and August for the GLPOAMembers.   The first educational seminar will be held in June, hopefully on Assessed Valuations within the Green Lake area.   More information will be set for the Breeze.


Highway 23/Variance:

Highway 23 program is back in process now.   Progress on the bridge continues to move forward.


Lake Management:

Chairperson G. Broman presented information regarding a Middle Fork Crow River Watershed Management Plan.  

G. Broman presented a four page proposal for full discussion. The first part had to do with the introduction of the program.

An action plan was presented  for representatives  to be invited from seven lakes: Monongalia, George, Nest, Elkhorn, Green, Calhoun, and Long.  The cities of Spicer and New London along with members of the New London and Irving Township, along with the GLSSWD.

From this group as steering committee will be formed to work on details for establishing a MFCRWS Association.

A meeting for this group will be held early May 2004.  Also, invited will be Julie Westerling of DNR.

A management plan will be presented to those in attendance which will include, but not limited to, Monitor water quality, storm water management, lake road sweeping, spray for Army worms,  Implementation of Phase II water improvement projects, investigate pros/cons to setting up separate quasi-government districts to manage all aspects of watershed management plan.

G. Broman stated that Kandiyohi County Commissioners have approved $12,000.00 to assist the program.

G. Broman  presented a map of the water area/slough area within Kandiyohi County which the GLPOA assisted with finances to produce.  This map will be shown at the annual meeting.



Chairperson D. Baken presented information which continues to show a loss of water for Spicer, Green Lake, and New London.   The majority of water leakage is from the connections.


Water Quality/DNR:

No Report



By motion of J. Nelson, seconded by B. Halgren,  the caterpillar fund will be closed as of  01 June 2004.   Any dollars remaining will be placed in the General Fund.   This change is being made to a new dues/caterpillar structure for the 2004/2005 year.   Motion carried.

G. Anderson presented information about Board members whose term will expire at the end of the fiscal year, being 31 May 2004.   The Executive Committee along with T. Frazee will discuss candidates to be elected at the annual meeting.   This meeting will be called by G. Anderson.

G. Anderson and J. Nelson presented information about the Project NEMO informational meeting which was held this past spring.   The attendance was nearly 75 people made up of local governments within the area.   A special thank you goes to Ann Latham for doing the leg work for the program.

G. Anderson stated that the Boy Scouts would begin placing information sheets on doors relating to the program of "Dump No Waste" into the storm sewers.   Discussion was held regarding the stencils along with the paint of those which was completed last year.   Very hard to see the letters.



G. Broman discussed the Water Quality Grant which was applied for this past fall.  We were not funded for any dollars.  Discussion was held as to how much data should be collected rather than looking for results for Green Lake, along with the other 7 lakes plus the townships and two cities.

Motion by D. Baken, seconded by J. Rieth that the GLPOA Board of Directors approve the  program as outlined by G. Broman (see Lake Management Report as listed above) which he presented to the Board.

Motion carried.

Discussion was held regarding the GLPOA annual meeting which is scheduled for the Green Lake Bible Camp on Friday, 18 June 2004 beginning at 7:30 P. M..   Items for the Power Points discussed were, not limited to, Highway 23 project,  The Middle Fork Crow River Watershed Management Plan, along with a guess from the MPCA.   The final agenda will be completed for the next Board meeting.

G. Broman received a request to advertise within the GREEN LAKE BREEZE.   Motion by D. Baken, seconded by J. Rieth that we accept no advertisements for either the BREEZE or the Directory.

Motion carried.

G. Broman informed the Board of a "Welcome Back to Green Lake" scheduled at Melvins on Green Lake set for a date in May.

T. Frazee  provided information to the Board of the Walleye Fishing group to hold a meeting on Tuesday,  27 April 2004, at the Dethleff Center.

Next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, 22 May 2004, at 8:00 A. M. at the Heritage Bank Building in Spicer.

Motion by B. Halgren, seconded by J. Rieth to adjourn.

 Previous Board Minutes:

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