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The meeting was called to order at 8:00 a. m. by Chairperson Gary Broman.  Also present were G. Anderson, D. Baken, T. Broman, B. Halgren, B. Haug, J. Nelson, J. Pederson, J. Rieth, and T. Frazee

Absent was W. Halvorson and M. Wacholz.

Guest present was Jim Christianson, Construction Supervisor of the Highway 23 project.

Motion by Bruce Halgren, seconded by G. Anderson to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of 16 August 2003.   Motion carried.

Motion by J. Pederson, seconded by Bruce Halgren to accept the Treasurers report

Motion carried.



No Report


Education/Web Page:

Chairperson G. Broman reminded Board members that they have 3 days to look at the minutes prior to being place on the web page. The GLPOA Breeze along with Sewer Board minutes are now being placed on the web page.

G. Anderson reported on the stencil program of the Boy Scouts. Scout Master stated the project will be completed this fall.   We are looking at another emblem to be placed near the storm sewers.


Highway 23/Variance:

J. Pederson reported that only one variance had been applied for which was granted at the meetings.   Discussion was held about the variance committee at the county meetings, as to their responsibility.


Lake Management:

G. Broman reported that the committee had met with Bill Taylor, Mayor of Spicer regarding the management of the lake with the cooperation of the City of Spicer.   Additional meetings will be forthcoming.



D. Baken reported that the Sewer Board had turned down the request to send letters out to all property owners regarding construction problems.    A notification was placed in the September Breeze.


Water Quality/DNR:

Report will be covered under Old Business of Highway 23.



A committee was selected by the Board to study the fee schedule of the general dues, patrol, and caterpillar funds for 2004/05 year.    After a back ground discussion by Bruce Halgren,  regarding the fee structure and membership a motion was made by D. Baken, seconded by J. Pederson to adjust the fee schedule with the 2004/2005 year as follows:  We will eliminate the caterpillar fund moving these dollars to the general fund.  One fee will cover dues and spraying of tent caterpillars of which this will be $25.00 effective with the 2004/2005 fiscal year.   The patrol fee will remain, at the present time, at $25.00 per year.

Motion carried.

Board member G. Anderson presented information to the board about a replacement to the Green Lake Sewer & Water District Board to fill the position of Ollie Hagen.  D. Baken will meet with D. Peterson and Ollie Hagen  following the September GLSWD board meeting.  Following this meeting, D. Baken, G. Anderson, and G. Broman  will meet with Dennis Peterson, County Commissioner.

Jim Christianson, construction supervisor for the Highway 23 project met with the board to discuss the following two items.   Item number one had to do with the many collection and settling  ponds being constructed that will flow into Green Lake.  The question was to the status of these listed ponds along with how they are being built as planned:  1) Post Office area, (2) Food n" Fuel area, 3) Beach Street Pond, 4) Miller Street area which is by the Bank, 5) Woodcock area, and 6) Catholic church area.     Mr. Christianson presents maps and drawing of each of these areas answering questions as set forth by the Board of the GLPOA.

The second item of discussion was the Nest Lake Bridge, as we know that Nest Lake has forever been a filter for the water from the Crow River Watershed going through Nest Lake and into Green Lake.   Our concern with the building the bridge is that we take appropriate precautions to ensure that the sediment in place in the construction area is not disturbed and that the construction process have a zero impact on material going into Green Lake.   Questions asked were: 1) How will the river be dammed up? 2) What sampling of water and sediment will be done prior to, during and after construction to document the conditions before and after construction.  3) What is the planned construction schedule for the bridge and its surrounding area.

Mr. Christianson informed the board that the project will take all precautions to stop any disturbance of sediment into Green Lake.   A floating barrier will be put in place plus pilings before any work is done.  This work will begin, possible in February of 2004, when the water level is at its low level.    The bridge  will be a one year project with traffic being detoured for this period.   The road to the south of the bridge will be cut down 5 feet for better observation for drivers.

Following Mr. Christianson"s presentation, the Board thanked him for presenting  this background information.   The Board stated that there seems too be "to much mis-information."



Motion by J. Pederson, seconded by B. Halgren that we donated $500.00 to the Spicer C of C if they have a winter fest for the fire works program.   Motion carried.

Discussion was held about individuals who have not paid dues for membership for the 2003/04 year.  A non-membership list was distributed to all members.

The next meeting will be held on 24 April 2004.  Motion by B. Haug, seconded by J. Nelson to adjourn.

Motion carried.   Meeting adjourned.


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