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SATURDAY,  17  MAY 2003  -  8:00 A.M.

The regular meeting was called to order at 8:00 A. M. by Chairperson Gwynne Anderson.   Also present were D. Baken, G. Broman, R. Figenskau, B. Halgren, B. Haug, S. Peterson, M. Wacholz, and T. Frazee.

Absent was W. Halvorson, J. Pederson, and J. Rieth.

The agenda for the meeting was approved.   Motion carried.

Motion by G. Broman, seconded by B. Haug,  to approve the minutes of the 21 September 2003 meeting.   Motion carried.

Motion by G. Broman, seconded by D. Baken to approve the treasurers report for April 2003.

Motion carried to approve the treasurers report.



Caterpillar B. Halgren  stated we will spray for tent caterpillar worms the last week of May.   Cost will be approximately $7,225.00 up 50 cents/acre from 2002 year.   It is not possible to spray for mosquito"s and worms at the same time.  Will continue to study spraying for mosquitoes.


Education/Web page B. Haug  reported the web page is updated when needed.  Have added a history section plus the minutes from the GLSSWD meetings.


Highway 23/Variance S. Peterson stated their committee finished their work the 1st week of December.  The MNDOT stated this was the first time they had a project which they had a committee assist. 

Only two variances were received during the past six months.   They were approved with changes


Membership  No Report


Sewer/Water D. Bakken reported that the sewer and water plants are meeting all expectations, but the problems are the water line leaks.  At the end of April the leakage was as follows: City of Spicer - 13.8%, City of New London - 31.3% and the Green Lake area at 63% leakage.

With the construction of Highway 23, the sewer district needed to relocate lines.  Cost to the district was $500,000.00.


Fishing M. Wacholz reported on the walleye/bass fishing  within Green Lake. The DNR will continue to stock walleye"s within Green Lake.


Water Quality/DNR G. Broman reported that the MPCA Grant in partnership with the  Minnesota Clean Water program has completed the report of Phase I. The Grant for Phase 2 in the amount of $250,000.00 was not funded at this time.



G. Anderson discussed the idea of placing stencils on the new road around Green Lake stating to people not to mow their grass or organic material on the roads as it is washed into the storm sewers.   Grass has phosphate within it which will end up in Green Lake.  Motion by G. Broman, seconded by B. Halgren to purchase 25 stencils at $15.50 each to be put on the road around Green Lake.     G. Anderson  has discussed the project with the local Boy Scouts who will assist  in the project.   The Boy Scouts will also hand out information to each home owner about this concern of the GLPOA Board of Directors.  Motion carried.

T. Frazee discussed the 2003 Green Lake Directory.   We have a total of 884 homes around Green Lake at this time.  This information will be taken to the printer within ten days for publication.   Colored pictures for the front page are to be sent to G. Anderson. 


By electronic mail,  of 12 April  motion by G. Broman, seconded by W. Halvorson to donate $1,000.00 of the local DNR to support a project conducting an aerial mapping of the Kandiyohi County wetlands.  This project would identify the unrestored wetlands.  This would end up as a digital data base that can be used county wide especially for the GLPOA.   The data base would be available to the Crow River Middle Fork Water Management Study and other Green Lake planning and developments projects.   Total cost of the project is $27,000.00.  Motion carried.

Motion by R. Figenskau, seconded by B. Halgren  to donate $1,000.00 for a partnership program with the City of Spicer for a down town dock by the Spicer Park.  Total cost of the dock will be $20,000.00.   Motion carried.

Discussion was held regarding membership to the Minnesota Lakes Association for $10.00, if application was made during the GLPOA membership drive.   Table this item for the July meeting.

Discussion was held regarding the sending of the Green Lake Breeze to each person living on Green Lake.  At the present time the Green Lake Breeze is sent to only those who are members.   Motion by B. Halgren, seconded by D. Baken to mail the Green Lake Breeze to each of the 884 members on the lake.   Motion carried.

Motion by D. Bakken, seconded by B. Haug to donate $1,000.00 to the Spicer Commercial Club for the 4th of July program for fire works.   Motion carried.

Discussion was held about the annual meeting, scheduled for Friday  20 June at the Green Lake Bible Camp at 7:30 P. M..  Points of Interest to be considered are:  Jim Christenson - MNDOT Highway 23, Skip Wright - Ponds for Highway 23, Steve McComas and Dick Osgood - Exotic Species program for Green Lake, Dan Hartog - Driving around Green Lake, Kandiyohi County Commissioners - Valuations of Property on Green Lake, Harvey Lange - Sewer/Water District.  The Executive Committee will meet on Saturday, 31 May at the Green Lake Bible Camp to finalize the program.  Other Board Members are invited to attend, if they desire.

Board Members Rolf Figenskau, Steve Peterson, and Marlin Wacholz terms have expired.


Motion by B. Halgren, seconded by B. Haug to adjourn the meeting.   Motion carried.  



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