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FRIDAY, 20 JUNE 2003, 7:30 p. m. - GREEN LAKE BIBLE CAMP


The 2003 Annual Meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was called to order at 7:30 p.m. before 111 members by Chairperson Gwynne Anderson

Anderson welcomed members, thanked the Green Lake Bible Camp for the coffee and the use of the facilities.   A thank you was offered to Jahnke"s Food Store for providing the cookies.  Guests introduced were County Commissioners Dick Larson and Dennis Pederson, State Senator Dean Elton Johnson, and Representative Al Juhnke.

President Anderson introduced the ten other board members who represent Spicer, Irving Township, New London Township, and Green Lake Township.

Rolf Figenskau presented the minutes for the annual meeting of Friday, 21 June 2002.   Motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as mailed out to all lake owners.   Motion passed unanimously.

Marlin Wacholz presented the financial statement for 06.01.02 to 05.31.03.  

Motion was made and seconded to approve the financial report as stated, and mailed out.  Motion passed unanimously.

Chairperson Anderson presented the five points of interest to the members present along with a presenter for each point:

  1. HIGHWAY 23 CONSTRUCTION: Paul Jurek, Project Engineer, from MNDOT gave a background report of the project.   At the present time the project is working south of the Nest Lake bridge to the intersection of #23 and # 71.   The street in Spicer by Mel"s and Food and Fuel will be open by the 4th of July.  Duininck Construction will not begin working on the Nest Lake Bridge until October/November of this year working through the winter season.   At the present time, Mr. Jurek stated that MNDOT will be responsible for the maintenance of the storm sewer clean up but it will not be forever.  Mr. Jurek suggested to members that when they mow their grass they should not mow toward the street but mow to the inside.  Mr. Jurek stated that the By Pass by County Road 9 over to Highway 71 should be reopened by the 30th of October.

  2. HIGHWAY 23 PONDS:  Mr. Skip Wright, Area Hydrologist from the DNR began by thanking the many members who served on the Water Quality Advisory Committee which assisted MNDOT with the concern of the lakes, streams and water quality.  The committee"s concern was for the water run off.   Concerns had been registered by the Lake Region Preservation Society, the D.N.R. and the Water Quality Board regarding run off of nutrients into the entire watershed.   The watershed, which affects Green Lake, is made up of 156 square miles that begins near Belgrade running south to Green Lake.  The biggest nutrient concern is with phosphorus as one pound of phosphorus is capable of producing up to 500 pounds of algae within Green Lake.   To compensate for the nutrients, and the water run off the highway 23 road will have 45 ponds during the 11 miles of road, which should reduce the phosphorus 55 to 66%.

  3. WATER QUALITY MANAGEMENT:  Mr. Dick Osgood of THE OSGOOD COMPANY reported that his firm along with BLUE WATER SCIENCE owned by Steve McComas was employed by Kandiyohi County to study Green Lake for exotic species.   Milfoil showed up within Green Lake in 2000.   Milfoil was found near 4% of the shoreline within Green Lake during their study.  Within Green Lake, Milfoil has been found within 40 acres that represents less than 1% of the lake.   It is the conclusion of Dick Osgood and Steve McComas that Milfoil will not be a severe problem due to the large lake, the wind sweep and the soil conditions of the bottom of Green Lake.   Mr. Osgood asked members to be informed, monitor their shoreline, and to be educated.    Jeff Bredberg of the Environmental Department of Kandiyohi County will have copies of the final report.

  4. GREEN LAKE SANITARY SEWER AND WATER DISTRICT: Mr. Harvey Lange, Chairperson of the GLSSWD spoke about the increase rates for water and sewer for this year.  Water costs have increased 10 cents per 1,000 gallons with sewer charges increasing 15 cents per thousand gallons.   The average homeowner on Green Lake, family of two people, used about 3,000 gallons of water per month.   The GLSSWD along with Bolten & Menk Engineering Firm are working on the "Punch List" to complete any problems of leaks within the District.   Mr. Lange asked people to report any leakage to the Public Works Department of Kandiyohi County.   Mr. Lange stated that we need to have leakage within the system to under 10%.   At the present time they know of 24 leaks within the pipes.   Most of these have been fixed by this meeting.   The total plant was built for expansion.  They expect to hook up 70 -90 homes in the near future.   The North Shore of Nest Lake has contacted the Sewer District along with interest from Diamond Lake.

  5. SPEEDING/NO PARKING ZONES:  Sheriff Dan Hartog presented information regarding the total concern for safety within the Green Lake area.   During the weekends, five Deputies are assigned to rural Kandiyohi County.   During the past year 32 speeding tickets have been issued along with warnings for No Parking on the road.   Sheriff Hartog asked members who employ lawn service to have them park in their drive way rather than on the road.     Sheriff Hartog stated that if anyone parked on the road and/or walking path, only to have an accident caused there would "probably" be a large lawsuit against the homeowner, the service company, and also Kandiyohi County.    A change has been made on the north side of the lake to allow additional boats to be parked on the road by the Rush Brown Public Access.

Chairperson Anderson stated that each of these five presenters would remain following the meeting to answer questions from the general public.



  1. Chairperson Anderson showed the stencil that the Green Lake Property Owners have purchased to be used near all storm drains around the lake.   This stencil states,  "Dump No Waste - Runs to the Lake."   The Boys Scouts will do the stencil work during this summer.   The Public

Works Department of Kandiyohi County will provide the paint for the stencils.  Also door hangers will be hung on all resident homes giving suggestions for proper disposal of grass clippings and miscellaneous items properly and not dispose on roadways leading to storm sewer drains.

  1. Gary Broman provided pictures of the Highway 23 turns within Spicer along with the Water Shed District.  



  1. The Green Lake Property Owners Association has three positions to fill for three year terms.

The nominating committee chaired by Gary Broman presented the following names to the members:

Marlin Wacholz - Irving Township

Tom Broman - City of Spicer

Jill Nelson - City of Spicer

Three times Mr. Broman asked for nominations from the floor.  Being none a motion was made and seconded to approve the three candidates as Board Members for a three-year term.   Motion passed unanimously.

Chairperson Anderson thanked Rolf Figenskau and Steve Peterson for their service on the Green Lake Board during the past years.


Motion to adjourn.   Passed unanimously.






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