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The regular meeting was called to order at 8:00 a. m. by Chairperson Gary Broman.  Also present were G. Anderson, D. Baken, B. Halgren, W. Halvorson, B. Haug, J. Nelson, J. Pederson, M. Wacholz, and T. Frazee.

Absent was T. Broman and J. Rieth.

Chairperson Broman  added three items to the agenda.  Those were listed as:

    6.1    Fee Structure for 2005 - 2006 year

    6.2    Nomination Committee for appointments for county positions

    6.3         Letter from Len Rossell of 8677 North Shore Drive

    6.4         Motion to accepted the agenda with these three items was approved.

Motion by M. Wacholz, seconded by B. Halgren to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of 19 July 2003.   Motion carried.

Treasurer M. Wacholz presented the financial report for the month of July .

Second by W. Halvorson  to approved financial report.    Motion carried.



Bruce Halgren  stated no activity with his committee this past month.


Education/Web page:

Bonnie Haug reported on the web site.  The number of hits is recorded for one year, changing back to "zero" in May.   Many people are using the post card mailing.   Chairperson Broman suggested that minutes of meetings not be posted on the Web site until Wednesday following the regular meeting, as this would give Board members a chance to review the meeting prior to the general public.


Highway 23/Variance:

Jon Pederson reported that their had not been any activity from the county variance this past month.   Discussion was held about the two ponds to be built at the Food n Fuel location.  Having a difficult time due to the high water on the lake.


Lake Management:

Chairperson Gary Broman discussed a meeting that he has had with Spicer Mayor Bill Taylor.   Would like to have a committee from the GLPOA and the City to discuss common concerns of Green Lake.   The members of the GLPOA will be President Gary Broman, past Presidents Gwynne Anderson,  Wendell Halvorson and President elect Jon Pederson.  Both the city and lake people must become Pro-Active in working for the betterment of the waters of Green Lake.


Sewer & Water:

Dick Baken reported of the July meeting of the GLSSWD.  Five items of discussion: (1) we still have a loss of 23.6 % water on the system.  The DNR states this must be under 20% within two years, (2) The inspector hired by Bolten & Menk has completed 400 home visits finding 25 homes not in compliance.   The Director of the Sewer District will be calling these people regarding the finding, (3) water pressure for homes that have outside sprinkler system need a minimum of 40 psi to raise the sprinkler heads.   New homes built near the golf course will need to put in a booster, (4) The old holding ponds near Hawick have been sold, with one pond to be placed on the auction for a second time, (5) the spreading of the oil between the road and the walking path.   The oil placed is the first step to correct the problems of the granite chips.

B. Haug asked about the restoration of the lawns on the south side of the lake.   Chairperson G. Broman suggested to D. Baken that we ask for time on the agenda for the August meeting to present claims from lake people of the restoration program.  G. Broman, D. Baken and T. Frazee will attend the sewer meeting.
























B. Haug reported that she met with Computers and More (Dan Adams) about a lab top computer for Executive Secretary T. Frazee.  Suggestion to purchase a Toshiba computer for the executive secretary.  Motion by W. Halvorson seconded by J. Pederson to purchase a Toshiba laptop computer not to exceed $2,500.00 Motion carried.

Chairperson Broman asked Board Members to forward any written correspondence which they received to Executive Secretary T. Frazee to be filed under correspondence.   Broman suggested that information from telephone conversations be emailed in a condensed form to the secretary.

Executive Secretary T. Frazee reported that a meeting will be held on Tuesday, 19 August at 9:30 a. m. to meet with Ron Renner about the Patrol position for the 2003-3004 season.   Other Board members are invited to the meeting.

Chairperson G. Broman stated a thank you had been received from the Spicer Commercial Club about our donation to the new dock.

G. Anderson reported on the stencil program of the Boy Scouts regarding "Don"t throw waste in the Storm Sewers" as this material will find its way into Green Lake.  The Boy Scouts have started the program on the north side of the lake.   Question was asked about the color of paint as to if it "loud" enough for people to see.   Information cards about the program to be placed on door hangers around the lake have not been received at this time.


Chairperson G. Broman  reported about a letter received from Len Rossell regarding the work on the Highway 23 Bridge over the Crow River.   Mr. Rossell"s concern was the stirring of the phosphate and silt which has settled to the river.  Will this silt and phosphate make its way into Green Lake?  J. Peterson, Highway 23 committee person, will check into this.   This information will also be discussed with the City of Spicer committee and the GLPOA committee.

Chairperson G. Broman asked for a committee of Marlin Wacholz, Bruce Halgren, and T. Frazee  to study our fee"s for dues, patrol, and caterpillar spraying.   This committee will report to the Board of Directors at the September meeting.   This new structure, if adopted, would not take place until the 2005-2006 year as this must be approved at the annual meeting of 2004.

Chairperson G. Broman  asked Past Chairperson  G. Anderson to chair a sub-committee  finding qualified people to be nominated for Kandiyohi County positions.   A new person will be appointed to the GLSSWD Board in January 2004.  Also need nominations for Planning and Zoning Board.   G. Anderson will accept this position.

The next scheduled Board meeting will be held at Heritage Bank on Saturday, 20 September 2003, beginning at 8:00 A. M.

Motion by W. Halvorson, seconded by D. Baken to adjourn.   Motion carried.



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