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The regular meeting was called to order at 8:00 A. M. by Chairperson Wendell Halvorson.  Also present were G. Anderson, D. Baken, G. Broman, R. Dobbs, R. Figenskau, L. Fredrickson, B. Halgren, B. Haug, S. Peterson, M Wacholz, and T. Frazee.

Guests present were Bob Miesen, Len Rossell, Dean Ruhland, and Tony Rime.

The agenda for the meeting was approved by motion of  Dobbs, seconded by Figenskau.  Motion carried.

Motion by Dobbs, seconded by Haug, to approve the minutes of the 20 October 2001 board meeting.  Motion carried.

Motion by Broman, seconded by Peterson, to approve the Treasurers report.  Motion carried.



R. Dobbs has contact Tery Jon Company to spray before Memorial Day.  320 acres will be sprayed at cost of $20.00 per acre.  Dobbs stated this may be changed as the leaves need to be between1/2 inch to 3/4th inches at a minimum.  Web page will be notified along with local media outlets.


D. N. R.:

G. Broman reported about the County Planning Session this past week.  The concern of the lakes are tier 2 - 5 possible lot size being reduced to 15,000 square feet.  In tier 2 - 5 around Green Lake we would have approximately 1300 acres with one acre for a home. G. Anderson presented a letter that was submitted to the Planning Commission for the Green Lake Board.  Broman congratulated Skip Wright and Howard Patrick for their comments at the Planning Commission.   This concern of tiers 2 - 5 will be studied by the planning commission prior to submitting to the County Commissioners.



G. Anderson informed the Board that we need to communicate more with members of the lake.   Items of concern for the annual meeting would be with sewer-water-road project, milfoil on the lake, the water quality study and the County Planning Committee.


Highway 23:

S. Peterson informed the Board that meetings have been held during the winter months.  Schedule calls for two additional meetings with possible third meeting as a wrap up session.  The design work is mostly completed with bid letting set for 22 November 2002.


Sewer - Water:

D. Baken informed the Board of the numerous water loss within the project.  Green Lake can not account for 50% of the water not returning to the waste water plant.  The D. N. R. states a maximum of 20% is the top which they will accept.  The D. N. R. will not allow for more than 20% loss of water by the year of 2005.  Hook ups have been set at $1,750 of which $750 goes to the district from Spicer, New London, and Green Lake.   The remaining $1,000.00 from Spicer and New London goes into the city funds whereas the remaining $1,000.00 from Green Lake goes into the operating funds for the lake.



S. Peterson reported that we have had 75 feet set back for homes on the lake, but feels the new board is leaning toward 50 foot setbacks. We need to take a very strong Pro-Active stand on this.


Water Quality:

M. Wacholz reported that the study of the Middle Fork River will be for  one more year.  A completed report will be coming when all data has been entered.


Web Page:

Counters have been re-set as of 01 May, but they do not seem to be working.  Have added the History of Green Lake and Spicer to web page along with rotating pictures on the main page.   The Sheriff"s department has informed Bonnie that they will be enforcing buoy"s and rafts on the lake this year.



President Halvorson showed the sign which the Kandiyohi County Lakes has placed in vendor business about the participation of Phosphate Free Fertilizer.

G. Broman and President Halvorson discussed the new program of Eurasian Watermilfoil within lakes of Minnesota.  Green Lake has been treated for milfoil for the past two years, but information from the D.N.R. states they will provide funding based upon application but will no longer do the actual inoculation for the eradication of milfoil.   G. Broman will set up a meeting with the D.N.R. to find out their plan for Green Lake, monies spent, where we are going with the project.  G. Broman will contact others to attend the meeting.



Motion by Wacholz, seconded by Dobbs,  to present a check of $1,000.00 to the Spicer Commercial Club for Fireworks on the 4th of July.  Motion carried.

D. Ruhland and T. Rime spoke to the Board about the new/used vehicle which was purchased by the First Responders of Spicer.   After question-answer period, motion by R. Figenskau, seconded by M. Wacholz  to present a gift of $700.00 to the Spicer First Responders.  Motion carried.

L. Rossell and B. Miesen representing The Lake Region Preservation Society spoke to the Board about the Highway 23 project  A four page information sheet was discussed along with question/answers of the total project.  The LRPS would like to have the GLPOA Board support their stand by signing on with their petition.  motion by Broman, seconded by Halgren, that the GLPOA board will not sign the petition until after the annual meeting on 21 June 2002.  Motion carried.

L. Fredrickson questioned the board about the fishing of the lake being walleyes versus bass.  A discussion was held with no action taken.

Discussion was held regarding having a picnic during the summer of 2002.  The Board did not feel we should fund a picnic for this summer.

Discussion was held regarding the annual meeting on Friday, 21 June 2202, at the Green Lake Bible Camp.  Items of discussion was for four board members to be elected.  G. Anderson and B. Haug may serve for a second three year term.  R. Dobbs (New London Township) and L. Fredrickson (Spicer) have served two three year terms and will need to be replaced due to By Laws of GLPOA,

A committee of the officers along with secretary will meet to nominate candidates for the four positions of the GLPOA board for three year terms.

The agenda for the annual meeting will cover five items: (1) milfoil, (2) Sewer-Water-Road project, (3)Sheriff"s office and the enforcement of buoys and rafts, (4) water management study, and (5) Highway 23 program.

Information regarding these items will be mailed out to all Lake owners prior to the annual meeting.  Board members will contact the following: milfoil - Gary Broman, sewer poject  with Gary Danielson - Gwynne Anderson, Marlin Wacholize - Skip Wright, Steve Peterson on the Highway 23 issue, and Bonnie Haug with the Sheriff"s office for buoys and rafts within the lake area.

These above listed people will write a short article to be placed in the annual notice of the Green Lake Property Owners Association newsletter.

A special meeting will be scheduled for Saturday, 01 June 2002 at 8:00 A.M. at the Green Lake Bible Camp.

Meeting adjourned. 


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