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A Special Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Wendell Halvorson.    Present were G. Anderson, D. Baken, R. Dobbs, R. Figenskau, L. Fredrickson, B. Halgren, B. Haug, S. Peterson, M. Wacholz and T. Frazee.

Absent was G. Broman.

Discussion was held about the annual meeting scheduled for Friday evening, 21 June 2002, at 7:30 p.m. at the Green Lake Bible Camp.  Nominations from the Executive Committee will be presented at the annual meeting as follows:

Gwynne Anderson

New London Township

Bonnie Haug

Green Lake Township

Jon Pederson

City of Spicer

To be named

New London Township

 Discussion was held regarding the agenda for the annual meeting.  The Spicer Queen Candidates will be present to sell flares prior to the meeting.  A change in the agenda will find committee reports to be eliminated with five Points of Interest to be covered at the meeting.   These points of interest are as follows: (1) Eurasian Watermilfoil to be lead by Gary Broman, (2) Sewer-Water-Road project led by Gary Danielson, (3) Highway # 23 project led by Steve Peterson, (4) Sheriff"s office regarding speed around the lake and buoys on Green Lake led by Dan Hartog (5) Water Quality led by Skip Wright.

Each Point of Information will be scheduled for ten minutes with a short question-answer period following..

Committee chairpersons for the five Points of Interest are asked to send information to T. Frazee by 04 June 2002 as that information will be placed in the notification of the Annual Meeting Green Lake Breeze.

The following resolution was moved for adoption by M. Wacholz, second by L. Fredrickson.

            Whereas, the DNR has changed its objective from providing more trophy smallmouth to managing Green Lake as a smallmouth fishery,

             Whereas, the objective of having a smallmouth fishery will mean that the majority of the catch will be smaller fish as opposed to the intended trophy fish,

             Whereas, the walleye fishery in relationship to the smallmouth fishery is at it"s lowest level in two decades,

             Whereas, the DNR failed to provide full disclosure of the potential negative impact to the walleye fishery,

             Whereas, the DNR has provided no definite plan to restore walleye as the primary or the most accessible fish in Green Lake fishery,

             Whereas, the Mn DNR failed to respond to a petition signed by property owners at an association meeting in June, 2001, to manage Green Lake as a primary walleye fishery,

             Be it resolved that the Green Lake Property Owners Association requests that the DNR rescind the experimental regulations on smallmouth bass at Green Lake, Kandiyohi County, at the close of the 2002 fishing season.

Motion carried.

A sample of a resolution was presented to the Board of Directors by Chairperson W. Halvorson regarding the Green Lake Property Owners Association Board to pass a resolution of an E.I.S. study done on Highway # 23.

Motion by Wacholz, seconded by G. Anderson that the Chairperson (W. Halvorson) write a letter to the Lake Region Preservation Society that we support an E.I.S. study  as was written to the LRPS two years ago, by than Chairperson C. Burmeister.  Motion carried.

Board members L. Fredrickson and R. Dobbs thanked the board for the experience which they have received during their six years on the board.   Chairperson W. Halvorson thank each of them for their many hours of work to make Green Lake a quality lake.

Motion by B. Halgren, seconded by R. Dobbs to adjourn.    Motion carried.

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