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SATURDAY, 20  JULY  2002  -  8:00 AM

 The regular meeting was called to order at 8:00 AM by Chairperson Gwynne Anderson.  Also present were G. Broman, R. Figenskau, B. Halgren, W. Halvorson, B. Haug, J. Peterson, S. Peterson, J. Rieth, M. Wacholz, and T. Frazee

Absent was D. Baken.

The agenda for the meeting was approved by motion of Broman, seconded by Haug.  Motion carried.

Motion by Broman, seconded by Halvorson to approved the minutes of the special meeting on 01 June 2002.  Motion carried.   Motion by Halvorson, seconded by Wacholz  to approved the minutes of the Annual meeting held on 21 June 2002.  Motion carried.  Motion by Haug, seconded by Wacholz  to approved the minutes of the organizational meeting on 21 June 2002.  Motion carried.

Motion by Halgren, seconded by S. Peterson to approve the Treasurers report for June 2002 Motion carried to approve the treasurers report..


Discussion was held about the annual meeting of 21 June 2002.   Comments from GLPO"s were as follows: (1) Liked the format, (2) Good crowd, (3) Lot of information, (4) what was response to the letters of the LRPS and the Fishing Committee, (5) email or mail our Breeze, (6) should GLPOA take a stand on the highway 23 issue.   Halgren suggested that we invite the Kandiyohi County Sheriff to our August meeting regarding patrol of the roads around Green Lake.

Broman informed the Board that Kandiyohi County has made application for treatment of milfoil on Green Lake.   Mr. Broman stated it is a county issue that we should wait to see what is going to happen on their part.   We will treat the lake and than survey the results.

Chairperson Anderson presented legal documents received from the LRPS and acknowledged the same.  Four items have been discussed in the documents of 12 June 2002 to the Army Corps of Engineers in St. Paul.  The summary of  these items are (1) stop the current design process, (2) do a completed EIS, (3) build a bypass outside the Green Lake watershed for inter-regional traffic, and (4) upgrade the current road alignment to improve safety for local citizens.  Letter on file.   No action taken.

Chairperson Anderson presented the letter from Marilynn Tiede, Irving Township resident, to the Irving Township Board concerns being (1) granite fines between road and walking path, (2) mailbox placement, and (3) speed of traffic.  Letter on file.  No Action taken.

New Business:

Duaine Taatjes has stated he wishes to retire from patrol service during the winter months.  Motion by Broman, second by J. Pederson that T. Frazee meet with Mr. Taatjes to discuss the position.  If Mr. Taatjes is not interested, we shall place an add in the newspapers.

Motion by W. Halvorson, seconded by M. Wacholz to join the Minnesota Lakes Association for $200.00 fee each year. 

Discussion was held about the monies in the caterpillar fund.  After discussion it was decided to leave the fund title and dollars as they are for the 2002-2003 year.

Committee Assignments were set for the year as:


Gwynne Anderson

Vice Chairperson

Gary Broman


Rolf Figenskau


Marlin Wacholz



Caterpillar Committee

Bruce Halgren, Terry Frazee

Education and Web Page

Bonnie Haug, Rolf  Figenskau, Gwynne Anderson

Highway # 23 and Variance

Steve Peterson, Rolf Figenskau

Water Quality and D.N.R.

Marlin Wacholz, Gary Broman, Wendell Halvorson

Sewer and Water

Dick Baken, Jim Rieth

Motion by M. Wacholz, seconded by G. Broman that we donate $150.00 to the Green Lake Bible Camp for the use of their facilities for Board meetings and the annual meeting each year.  Motion carried.

Thank you was read from the family of Warren Lecy for a memorial.   Thank you was also received from the Spicer Commercial Club thanking the GLPOA for their donation to the fire works display on 04 July.

The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, 17 August at 8:00 AM at the Green Lake Bible Camp.

Motion by Halvorson, seconded by Halgren to adjourn.  Motion carried.

 Previous Board Minutes:

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