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SATURDAY,  17  AUGUST  2002  - 8:00 A. M.


The regular meeting was called to order at 8:00 A. M. by Chairperson Gwynne Anderson.  Also present were G. Broman, R. Figenskau, B. Halgren, W. Halvorson, B. Haug, S. Peterson, M. Wacholz, and T. Frazee.

Absent was:  D. Baken, J. Pederson, and J. Rieth.

The agenda for the meeting was approved with the addition of 6.4 New Business: Fuel available for boaters on Green Lake.  Motion by Halvorson, second by Wacholz.   Motion carried.

Motion by Wacholz, seconded by Halvorson  to approve the minutes of the regular meeting on 20 June 2002.   Motion carried.

Motion by Halgren, seconded by Halvorson  to approve the Treasurers report for July 2002.

Motion carried to approve the treasurers report



B. Halgren has contact Tery Jon Corporation to spray Green Lakenext spring.  Spraying cost will be close to this year with the spraying to be done prior to Memorial Day.  This, of course, will depend upon the weather conditions and the worms present.


Education/Web Page

B. Haug reported about the Web Page.  History section changes each month.  Looking for the History of Indian Beach Resort to put on.  R. Figenskau, after long thought process, asked to be removed from the Education/Web Page committee for 2002-2003 year.  Questions about walking path, bicycle path with who will maintain the walking path.  B. Haug will contact G. Danielson about this.


Highway 23/Variance

A letter was received from the Corp of Engineers about the Highway 23.   Answers to be received from the DOT.  The final report from the committee will be presented after the September meeting.  The MDOT will maintain the ponds for the first two years.  The GLPOA Board would like to see the committee remain in place following the September meeting.  S. Peterson reported that the Kandiyohi County Comprehensive Plan has just been completed.  



T. Frazee reported that Jon Pederson had met with him about the data which is held for all lake membership.



Bolton & Menk has started water pressure testing of hook ups.  Pressure testing began at the northwest corner working east around the lake.  Concern is the large amount of water which is lost.


Water Quality/D.N.R.

G. Broman reported that he will be working for a Lake Improvement District.  M. Wacholz will work with water quality, and W. Halvorson will work with the D. N. R.  G. Broman reported the Kandiyohi County water plan is done. M. Wacholz reported that the seechi dish is checked in 40 feet of water.  At the present time the dish is being read at 11 feet.  

A letter was presented from the walleye fishing persons, which was asked for the backing of the GLPOA Board. Motion by G. Broman, seconded by R. Figenskau, that the letter be re-written, signed and mailed.  (Letter on file at the Secretary"s office).    W. Halvorson reported that D.N.R. is working with County Park # 5 about the Boat Access but will not be completed until 2003.   D. N. R. budget will be cut for the 2003 financial term.



Duane Taatjes gave notice that 2002-2003 will be his last year doing winter patrol.  A second person will be working with Mr. Taatjes during the period of October - mid April.



Deputy Dan Hartog discussed speeds on the lake roads, the placement of buoys, the correct direction for walkers and bikers on the road.  Concern was for those young children as school is to begin.  Discussion was held about some type of flashing light at the Bible Camp crossing.  Speed limit signs was also discussed.  Deputy Hartog will discuss the signs with Gary Danielson.   Hartog will also write an article for our Web page. 

Motion by G. Broman, seconded by B. Haug,  that we develop a new Green Lake Directory for the 2003 year.  Those interested in submitting a colored picture for the cover should send pictures to Chairperson G. Anderson by 01 May 2003.    Lake residents are asked to let Board Members know of any sales between this writing and May 2003.   Motion carried.

Discussion was held regarding Dues, Patrol, and Caterpillar structure for 2003 year.   This item will be placed on the agenda as old business for the September meeting.       

W. Halvorson discussed with the board as to the possibilities of purchasing boat gas for the 2003 year now that Indian Beach Resort has closed.  W. Halvorson and T. Frazee will meet with County Park # 5 manager about concerns.

Motion by Halgren, seconded by Haug to adjourn, Motion carried.

Next meeting, Saturday, 21 September at the Green Lake Bible Camp.

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