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The regular meeting was called to order at 8:00 A. M. by Chairperson Wendell Halvorson.    Also present were G. Anderson, G. Broman, R. Dobbs, L. Fredrickson, B. Haug, S. Peterson, and T. Frazee

Absent were D. Baken, B. Halgren, and M. Wacholz.

The agenda for the meeting was approved by motion of Peterson, seconded by Broman, showing one additional item 6.2 Green Lake Breeze.  Motion carried.

Motion by Broman, seconded by Haug to approve the minutes of the 18 August meeting with one correction, that being that R. Dobbs was absent from the meeting.  Motion carried.

Motion by Dobbs, seconded by Broman to approve the treasurer's report.

Motion carried.




No Report


D. N. R.:

A meeting was held with the DNR regarding the lake level. Green Lake, Dietrich Lange Wildlife Management area (just east of the Green Lake outlet), and Lake Calhoun is considered one body of water of about 7,300 acres.  The dam at the Old Mill Inn controls the level of water upstream between the dam and New London which includes Nest Lake and the Crow River to New London.  The dam at New London controls the level of the Mill Pond and upstream to Crow River towards Mud Lake.  These two dams are managed together to control the level up steam from New London.  Whenever it is necessary to release water from the New London dam, it is also necessary to adjust the stop logs at the Old Mill Inn.

An extensive water management study was initiated of the Green Lake watershed area.  This watershed is the size of about 107,000 acres which consists of sub-watershed areas that flow into Green Lake.   The map will be framed and placed within the Spicer City Hall for interested people to look at it.

Discussion was held about Milfoil within Green Lake.  The DNR treated 12 acres on Monday, 13 September 2001.  Discussion was held regarding the “possible” pulling of milfoil plants within the lake.   The DNR will not close any boat access.

The Rush Brown boat access has grass growing in the middle of which boats will part within this area.  The question of who owns the walking path around the lake was answered that the county owns and controls them.



No Report


Highway # 23:

S. Peterson reported that the area committee has approved two holding ponds on the southwest corner of Green Lake, being at Food and Fuel with the second one at Wally’s Water Slide.  Mr. Peterson showed a timetable to work north on the Highway proposal.


Sewer and Water:

All pipe work, bituminous base work and utility hooks ups are substantially complete for the west, north, and east shores. The final bituminous lift will be completed by the end of October.   The County Road 10 Pipe project should be done by the end of September, utility hookups on the south side shore will begin as the sanitary sewer connection has been made.  All utility work should be completed this year.  

The water treatment plant, waste water plant and the towers are completed, but we are having problems with the Sludge belt system. 



One variance was discussed. 


Water Quality:

No Report


Web Page:

Discussion was held regarding the sheriff’s report of “Buoy’s” around the lake for the year 2002.  The Sheriff’s Office will enforce the regulation.  Green Lake does not have any “No Wake Area.”




Discussion was held regarding the Bridge, which the County plans to build in 2002.  The DNR has not been involved in any meetings regarding the bridge.  The DNR is not interested in boats going from Green Lake to the wildlife area as this is a Loon Nesting site.  Canoes may be allowed but not boats with any type of motors.  The committee will continue to study this issue.

A Thank you was received from the New London Ambulance Association for the donation of $500.00.



Discussion was held regarding marinas within Green Lake.  The DNR is against them.  Once a marina is approved for public it may find private marinas within the lake.  The committee will continue to study this issue.

Motion by Broman, seconded by Anderson not to publish a GLPOA Breeze in October.  Motion carried.

Motion by Broman, seconded by Haug to adjourn the meeting.  The next Green Lake Property Owners Board Meeting is scheduled for 20 October 2001, at 8:00 A. M. at the Green Lake Bible Camp.

Motion carried.


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