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The regular meeting was called to order at 8:00 A.M. by Chairperson Wendell Halvorson.    Also present were G. Anderson, D. Baken, G. Broman, R. Dobbs, R. Figenskau, B. Halgren, B. Haug, S. Peterson, M. Wacholz, and T. Frazee.

Absent was L. Fredrickson.

Tom Bonde representing Middle Fork Crow River Lake Association, and Deb Ficek representing the Lake Preservation Society were present to address the Board.

The agenda for the scheduled meeting was approved by Broman and seconded by Dobbs, but to also add item 6.4 Phosphate.  Motion carried.

Motion by Wacholz, seconded by Dobbs to approve the minutes of the 19 May regular meeting, 15 June Annual meeting, and 15 June 2001 Reorganization meeting.  Motion carried.

Motion by Wacholz, seconded by Broman to approve the treasurers report. Motion carried.



Wendell talked to C. Burmeister.  He is pleased with the results.


D. N. R.           

The Rush Brown access is being worked on for a boat access.  Bids are being received to remove the two houses east of County Park # 5.  D. N. R. is working on design to be competed in 2002.



Gwynne stated that we should have an article in the Breeze regarding turn off of water for seasonal residents.  She will contact Ron Hagemeyer to receive this.


Highway 23

Steve reported that the next meeting is scheduled for Wed. 08 August at 5:00 P. M. at the Detloff center and all are welcome. The meetings are very interesting.



One variance has been received since the last meeting.  Steve passed out copies of the Kandiyohi County Comprehensive Plan to board members.  Spicer is working on their plans now.


Sewer & Water

No Report


Water Quality

No Report


Web Page

Bonnie informed the board that people enjoy the calendar of events.  She wishes to add pictures and information regarding the sewer and water.


Celebration Picnic

Ron informed the Board that approximately 275 residents attending the picnic on Saturday, 14 July at Hope Presbyterian Church.  Frazee informed the Board the rental for chairs and tables were $450.48.  McKales food bill was 1,000 plates at 2.25. Credit for buns of $63.00 and chips for $76.80 total of $2,247.36 including tax.  Discussion was positive for the picnic and talk of holding another one or possible picnic prior to or following the annual meeting.




Committee appointments were selected for the 2001-2002 year.    These committees are attached to the minutes.   Committee chairpersons are asked to send information for the August Green Lake Breeze to Frazee prior to Friday, 27 July 2001.  The Breeze will be published and sent prior to Open House on 04 August 2001.

Wendell discussed the milfoil situation on Green Lake as he received from the D. N. R. office.   The D.N.R. has not found any milfoil in front of Morgandale and one “sickly” plant in front of Little Melvins.  Three plants have been found on the west side of the lake.  The D. N. R. treated these two areas and will come back in three weeks to exam the same.   Frazee stated information which he has received regarding the same.



The Green Lake Property Owners Association received a request for funds from the New London Ambulance Association for the purchase of a defibrillator.  The GLPOA Board has presented the First Responders of Spicer with $1,000.00 and last year $500.00 to the New London Ambulance Association.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Wacholz  to send $500.00 to the New London Ambulance Association.  Motion carried.

Tom Bonde reported to the board of the Middle Crow River Grant.   We are in the second year of the application.  The GLPOA  donated $600.00 to assist in writing the original grant but they need working dollars to continue the project.  Motion by Wacholz, seconded by Halgren to donate $2,000.00 to the project.  Motion carried.

Tom discussed two other items, (1) the highway # 4 bridge which connects Green Lake and  Lake Calhoun.   Discussion was held regarding the County and the D. N. R. plans within the area.

Tom also discussed the “stop logs” at the Old Mill Inn.   They leak but are owned and controlled by Foster.  The D. N. R. may be looking for donations to assist with the “stop logs.”  Decision to monitor the situation during the coming months.

Deb Ficek presented educational information to the Board about the highway 23 project.  The board asked questions about the $500.00 which was donated in September 2000 and what was it used for.   Broman asked what is the “request” of your organization.  Ficek stated they wished to hire a hydroglist to find information which they might use regarding the highway 23 project.   Broman stated we have a board member (Peterson) on the highway 23 committee and we should see what his thoughts are.  No action taken.

Broman presented a picture which he took in Mason City, Iowa   of a bill board stating “Phosphate Fertilizers are Polluting Your Waterways.”  Frazee will take this to the Kandiyohi County Lakes Association as it is a County situation along with Green Lake.

Motion by Wacholz, seconded by Broman to adjourn.  Next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, 18 September 2001 at 8:00 A. M. at the Green Lake Bible Camp.


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