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The regular meeting was called to order at 8:00 A. M. by Chairperson Wendell Halvorson.  Also present were: D. Baken, G. Broman, R. Figenskau, B. Halgren, B. Haug, S. Peterson and T. Frazee.

Absent were G. Anderson, L. Fredrickson, and M. Wacholz.

The agenda for the meeting was approved by motion of Haug, seconded by Halgren showing two additions, 5.2 Lake Region Preservation Society and 6.2 Eurasian Watermilfoil.  Motion carried.

Motion by Broman, seconded by Halgren to approve the minutes of the 21 July 2001 regular meeting.  Motion carried.

Motion by Halgren, seconded by Peterson to approve the treasurers report.

Motion carried.



No Report


G. Broman will meet with the DNR next week to discuss issue of the GLPOA.   Talked about Rush Brown access.


No Report

Highway # 23

S. Peterson reported the 08.09.01 meeting was postponed until 08.29.01.  Meetings are open to public.  Meetings at 5:00 p. m. at Dethlef Center.  Talk of putting 7 holding ponds within Spicer with some being Grit chambers.

Sewer & Water

D. Baken reported that by the end of August the north, east, and west shore areas will be completed, including the bike trail. The final asphalt lift is scheduled for September.

The south shore and County road # 10 areas pipe and road work are nearing completion, but are on hold until as Labor Day.  The Quam construction company will start utility service hookups in September and the total project is scheduled to be completed this year.


Four Variances have been received for this month.  The Kandiyohi Comprehensive Plan was approved by the committee with four new changes reported S. Peterson.

Water Quality

No Report

Web Page

B. Haug reported on the sheriff’s article in the Breeze regarding the speeding on the lake roads plus the number of buoys on the lake.  The Sheriff’s Office, Water Patrol Division, will enforce the limit of buoys, the distance buoys will allowed from the shoreline, and the registration of these buoys for the 2002 year.



T. Frazee explained the Kandiyohi County Lakes Association has met with Marketing Concepts of Spicer to work on a program of “phosphate free fertilizer” within the county.  Additional information will be forth coming later this fall upon their marketing program.  Marketing concepts will design this program as a community interest program.

W. Halvorson reported about the Lake Preservation Society meeting of the previous month in which he asked  D. Ficek as to how the $500.00, donation from the Green Lake Property Owners Association, was used.  As of this date, Mr. Halvorson has not received any information.  Mr. Halvorson also reported that information was asked from Mr. L. Rossel as to who the members from the LPSA were so we would be able to cross check them with our membership.   This information has not been received by Mr. Halvorson.  S. Peterson gave a report of the background of the Highway 23 project from the meetings which he has attended.   No Action taken.



Mr. Halvorson explained to the Board of the Bridge on # 4 on the outlet of Green Lake.  This bridge will be built during 2002 and will include a walking path along with a fishing area.  From information received, the DNR would like to have parking facilities for the fishing area and also they are concerned about boats traveling to the refuge in Lake Calhoun.   Mr. Broman and Mr. Halvorson will meet with the DNR for information for the September meeting.

Mr. Halvorson informed the Board that T. Frazee, G. Soupir, and “Buck” had toured Green Lake on Monday,. 13 August 2001 and found additional Eurasian Water Milfoil.  The DNR estimates that we have at least 10 acres within the lake.  The southwest corner of the lake has approximately 5.5 acres beginning at the Red (pink) House and continues west around Little Melvin’s, the swimming beach, and the boat access.   The DNR will not close the boat access and will treat this area when the temperature of the lake is cooler.  Conversation was held about what could be done and how to stop it. A letter will go forth to all members in the September issue of the Green Lake Breeze.

The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, 15 September at 8:00 A. M. at the Green Lake Bible Camp.

Motion by Halgren, seconded by Figenskau to adjourn.  Motion carried.

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