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The regular meeting was called to order by Chairperson Ron Dobbs.  Also present were G. Anderson, C. Burmeister, R. Figenskau, O. Hagen, B. Haug, G. O’Connor, S. Peterson, M. Wacholz, and T. Frazee

Absent were: L. Fredrickson and W. Halvorson.  Mr. Halvorson called to say he would not be present for the meeting.

The agenda for the scheduled meeting was approved by motion of Burmeister, seconded by Hagen to include the following items: 5.1 Correspondence, 6.4 New London/Spicer/New London Township situation, and 6.5 Green Lake Breeze.  Motion carried.

 Motion by O’Connor, seconded by Haug to approve the minutes of the regular 21 October 2000 meeting.   Motion carried.

 Motion by Hagen, seconded by Anderson to approve the treasurers report.



Will wait to see what the worm situation is, but reports are for a large populations of worms this year.  Burmeister asked that those outside Tier 1 arrange for spraying with the company rather than the GLPOA doing the same.  The committee will visit with the City of Spicer to discuss spraying the entire city (tier I).


D. N. R.

Work on the boat access at Rush Brown property will begin this summer.  A letter from Bruce Gilbertson of the DNR was read and suggested to be placed in the GLPOA Breeze in April.


No report today, but will assist in the newsletter and with placing of signs.


Peterson reported of the Water Quality committee for       Highway23.  Two meetings have been held.  Next meeting is May 9th.  This is a three year commitment.  The committee is concerned about phosphorus in the lake.  Phosphate level now is 50 parts per billion which is double the amount which is suggested.


Mr. Hagen reported that Quam is working on hook ups on the north side with east side to follow.  Duninick received the bid on the south side of the lake with construction to begin nea 14 May.  Overlays will come toward the end of the project.  One overlay will be placed on the north side and two on the east side.  Open House for the water and sewer plant will be held toward the end of June with the assessment hearing during the end of July or first of August.  Mr. O’Connor asked about sewer and water hookups at County Park # 5 and the bridge at Indian Beach Resort which is within Irving Township.


Mr. Peterson stated that few variances were applied for during the winter months but they were beginning to come forth now.  The issue is the same with “set backs from the lake and road.”


Mr. Wacholz reported that the Grant Program is in the second year.  The grant was for $105,000.00 of which Green Lake Property Owners Association donated $4,000.00.  Dr. McAfee is taking samples of water at 4 places on the lake.


Mrs. Haug explained that our web name has been renewed for a two year period at a cost of $70.00 of this period.  Bennett is hosting the page now.  Motion by Hagen, seconded by Haug that we allocate $1,000.00 for the Web Page for the new fiscal year.  Motion carried.  Suggestions to who would do the work on the page ranged from asking the High School, Diane Buzzeo, etc.  Mrs. Haug will meet with her committee and report at the May meeting.





Mr. Dobbs read a thank you from Jim Reith for the memorial the GLPOA sent to the Willmar Y.M.C.A in honor of past board member, Lucy.




Mr. Dobbs and Mr. Hagen reported on the CELEBRATION PICNIC which is scheduled for July 14th from 11:00 A. M. to 2:00 P. M..   This celebration will be hosted by the Board of Directors of the GLPOA and food served by McMillians of New London.  Food will be BBQ’s, coleslaw, chips, pop, milk, and lemonade.  Discussion was held as how to invite and who to invite.  The committee will meet and report progress at the May meeting.

Mr. Wacholz reported on the Milfoil found within Green Lake.  The DNR will check the three areas when the ice is off the lake to see if the treatments given last fall were effective.

Mr. Frazee and Mr. Wacholz reported on the Kandiyohi County Lakes Association to hold a volunteer and milfoil identification seminar on Saturday, 05 May at 9:00 a. m. at the Dethlof Center in Spicer.   Mr. Frazee showed the sign to the Board which will be placed at each of the 48 public access within Kandiyohi County.  Mrs. Anderson, education chair, will see that these signs are placed within the access of Green Lake prior to fishing opener on the 12th of May.  All board members were encouraged to attend the seminar on the 5th and bring other lake owners to assist.

Discussion was held regarding the New London-Spicer-New London Township meeting regarding formation of one “city” instead of two and one township.   After discussion, the board decided to take a “wait and see” approach, but will continue to monitor it.

Articles for the newsletter are due to the secretary by Wednesday, 25 April 2001.  The next meeting will be Saturday, 19 May 2001.


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