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The regular meeting was called to order by Chairperson Ron Dobbs. Also present were G. Anderson, C. Burmeister, O. Hagen, B. Haug, G. O’Connor, M. Wacholz and T. Frazee. Also present were Tom Bonde, Len Russell, and Deb Ficek.

Absent was R. Figenskau, L. Fredrickson, W. Halvorson, and S. Peterson.

The agenda for the meeting found an addition of 6.3 - Tax abatement presented by O. Hagen. Motion to approve the agenda was approved.

Motion by Burmeister, seconded by Hagen to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of the 12 August 2000. Motion carried.

Motion by Wacholz, seconded by Hagen to approve the treasurer’s report.

Motion carried.


Caterpillar No Report
Education G. Anderson presented information about benches around the walking path when the sewer, water, and road is complete.
Fishing Chairperson R. Dobbs presented a letter from Anglers in support of modifying the present bass regulations.
Sewer & Water The Sewer Commission will rebid the North Shore on 26 September. If the bids are good they will accept them, other wise they will work on cost plus.
Variance No Report
Water Quality Meeting on Saturday, 30 September for GLPOA members on Milfoil. Meeting at Lutheran Church at 10:00 A.M.. Will place notice in paper and provide coffee and donuts. The milfoil is green, the DNR will treat a second time this fall. The DNR will present the session.
Web Page Update on the program and the use of it.



A decision was made not to join the Minnesota Lakes Association at this time.

President Dobbs asked that the "Celebration Picnic" be fully discussed at the October meeting.


6.1 M. Wacholz presented the Milfoil business under "Committee Report."

6.2 Deb Ficek spoke for the LAKE REGION PRESERVATION SOCIETY. Ms. Ficek spoke on the highway 23 expansion and working together with the Green Lake Property Association. The LRPS wants to keep their dues low for a large membership. They would like to have an affiliation between our two groups working with the legislators. They feel they need numbers to show they have the support of the area. They asked for our mailing list. Motion by G. Anderson and seconded by O. Hagen to provide $500.00 for their organization to be used for a E.I.S. study. Motion carried. The GLPOA will not provide them with our mailing list. President Dobbs will write a letter to the LRPS stating the dollars is for the EIS study and not an endorsement of the program.

6.3 O. Hagen presented information regarding a Tax Abatement program which former board member H. Lange used when he served as Mayor in Robbinsdale. Mr. Hagen asked that the GLPOA Board support the employment of attorney Jim Holmes in looking at a Tax Abatement program for our sewer district. This program will not serve the cities of New London or Spicer, but will support abatement for properties within 1,000 feet of the lake. This program could support up to $600,000.00 per year for a ten year period if approved. County Commissioner Dennis Peterson has asked for a committee within the County to study the abatement program. Motion by Hagen, seconded by Burmeister that we allow up to $1,000.00 for the employment of Jim Holmes, if needed. Motion carried.


Motion by Burmeister, seconded by O’Connor to adjourn.

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