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The regular meeting was called to order by Chairperson Chuck Burmeister. Also present were G. Anderson, C. Burmeister, R. Dobbs, L. Fredrickson, O. Hagen, W. Halvorson, B. Haug, D. McAfee, G. O’Connor, and T. Frazee

Absent were C. deCathelineau and R. Figenskau.

A change in the agenda to add item 6.2 was presented by Halvorson to address the issue of what we are doing with our dollars and are there ways which we would be able to assist within the community with some donations, if needed. The item will be added to the agenda as 6.2

Motion by O’Connor, seconded by Dobbs, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of Saturday, 29 April 00. Motion carried.

Motion by Hagen, seconded by Dobbs, to approve the treasurer's report. Motion carried.


Caterpillar Spraying for caterpillars will begin on Monday, 15 May 00 at 7:00 am. The spraying will take about 3 hours. The radio and newspaper has been notified. Seven people outside the boundary have contacted Mr. Burmeister to spray their property. They must join the property owners association ($15.00) plus pay $22.00 per acre.
D. N. R. No Report
Education G. Anderson reported that the picture for the new directory has been selected. The picture was produced by Bernice Barber. The information for the directory will be given to Print Master on Tuesday morning for final printing.
Fishing Today is the opening of fishing season! It is cold, windy, and snow in northern Minnesota! No Report.
HWY 23 No Report
Sewer/Water Mr. Hagen reported that chances are very good for an additional $2.6 million dollars from the State of Minnesota. Mr. Hagen thanked Chuck McGuiggan and Terry Frazee for suggesting we hire Ed Cain to assist for state dollars. The sewer district has hired Ron Hagemeier as Superintendent of the waste water district. The interest rate of assessment is about 4.5% per year.
Variance Mr. Halvorson reported on the Stammer property and that it was denied by the board until a second plan was provided. Mr. Halvorson also discussed the Nelson continued use permit which was denied by the planning commission but approved by the County Commissioners.
Water Quality According to the paper, the water level of Green Lake is down six inches this spring. Question was given about this.
Web Page The GLPOA Web Site is listed as www.greenlakespicer.com. Other items discussed on the web site were news articles, calendar of events, photos are needed, committee reports, sheriffs office, links to other web sites, membership form, contact email address, and post cards which may be used.


5.1 Ice Castle Chairperson Burmeister asked if the GLPOA should consider assisting with the ice castle, if funds are need. Mr. Burmeister will contact them and ask that they attend the next meeting.
5.2 Memorial Policy Mr. O’Connor distributed a sample policy for memorials, or Board Members/spouse who are in the hospital. After discussion motion by Halvorson seconded by Haug, to leave the decision of memorial/flowers to the executive Board rather than to have policy. Motion carried.
5.3 Wild Flowers The county has turned the project back to the GLPOA and Mr. Burmeister will get his committee back together. Some areas where wild flowers were to be planted have sod place within. You could use round up to kill the grass and then replant with flowers.
5.4 Highway 23 Discussion was held about the involvement of the GLPOA and the Highway 23 issue. Items of discussion was the amount of impervious soil, that the state has already decided that the road will be built, the four lane will affect Green Lake, should be concerned about Green Lake and not the location of the highway, the loss of parks around the lake, the E. I. S. report. After much discussion motion by Halvorson, second by Dobbs that the GLPOA will write a letter to the MN/DOT relative to the environmental Assessment Document which was prepared for the proposed highway 23 project. Such letter will state that the GLPOA opposes the MN/DOT making a final decision on the project before a detailed environmental Impact Statement is completed and it is clearly evident that the water quality of Green Lake and other environmental qualities relating to the areas surrounding the lake are not negatively impacted. Motioncarried.

Ollie Hagen left the meeting at 9:07 a. m. and David McAfee left the meeting at 9:10 a. m.



6.1 Annual Meeting Mr. Burmeister informed the Board of the Annual meeting scheduled for Friday evening, 16 June 2000 at the Green Lake Bible Camp beginning at 7:30 PM. He asked Committee chairs to have a five minute informational presentation of their committee.

Mr. Burmeister reported that Rolf Figenskau would like to be reappointed to the Board for a second three year term. That Dr. McAfee is not interested in returning to the Board from Irving Township. Mr. Burmeister and Mr. O’Connor will visit with Irving Township people to see if they are interested in being on the Board.

Mr. deCathelineau has completed his second three year term and not eligible for appointment. Mr. Burmeister asked Mr. Fredrickson if he had any ideas that he wished to discuss with Mr. Burmeister and along with Mr. Figenskau they would have a candidate from the city of Spicer.

The agenda for the Annual meeting was discussed and suggested that the Kandiyohi County Sheriff be invited to attend. Mr. Frazee stated that County Commissioners, Rep. Juhnke and Senator Dean Elton Johnson will be invited

6.2 Use of Spending Funds Mr. Halvorson addressed the Board regarding the funds within the General Account and how we planned to use them. After discussion it was agreed that the executive committee will get together and report at the annual meeting and/or the next Board Meeting as to possible projects which we wish to address. Some suggestions were water quality, fireworks, New London Ambulance, little league baseball and/or softball.

Motion by Fredrickson, seconded by O’Connor to adjourn. Motion carried.


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