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The regular meeting was called to order by Chairperson Chuck Burmeister. Present were G. Anderson, C. Burmeister, R. Dobbs, R. Figenskau, L. Fredrickson, B. Haug. D. McAfee and T. Frazee.

Absent were C. deCathelineau, 0. Hagen, W. Halvorson, and G. O'Connor.

Also present was Duane "Whitey" Taatges.


Motion by Dobbs and seconded by Fredrickson to approve the agenda as mailed out. Motion carried.


Motion by Haug, seconded by Anderson to approve the minutes of the 24 July 1999 meeting. Motion carried.

 Motion by Figenskau and seconded by Dobbs to approve the financial report for September 1999.


Caterpillar No Report
D. N. R

Ron Dobbs reported the D. N. R- does not have any dollars to work with the muskie project for this year. The program may be funded in the future, but not now.

The D. N. R. does not have any plans to access property next to the Rush Brown property to enlarge the public access.

Education G. Anderson reported the Fall Green Lake Breeze will be mailed out about the 1st of November. Gwynne asked each chairperson to write an article and mail the same to Terry Frazee by 15 October.

Gwynne also talked about stop signs, and signs stating "Children at Play - Please drive slow." Bonnie Haug asked about speed zones around the lake.

Fishing No report
Variances No report
Water Quality Dr. McAfee stated the study continues about water clarity. The water clarity is better during 1999 than 1998 - even with road construction.

The Water Quality Committee would like to apply for a grant from the PCA, known as Clean Water Act. Steve McCombs will write the grant for $600.00. Motion by McAfee, seconded by Figenskau to employee McCombs for the grant writing. Motion carried.

Sewer and Water Chairperson Burmeister reported about the road work on the north side of the take plus the meeting by, and between, Kandiyohi County and the Irving Townboard on Friday evening, 10 September 99, regarding Cut de Sac's. The Irving Townboard will make the decision on Tuesday evening, 21 September 99, at their meeting.
Highway #23 Rolf Figenskau reported about the construction of the highway through Spicer. Speeds will be slower and DOT will allow one stop light. The plans are to have vegetation (trees, shrubs, etc.) between the two roads.


There was no Old Business to be brought to the Board.


Chairperson Burmeister introduced Duane "Whitey' Taatges who explained how the Patrol has been working. Whitey has done this for the past four years. A total of 125 people have signed up for Patrol during the 1999-2000 season. W. Taatges will start putting signs up with the first recorded patrol being the first of November. People who sign for Patrol ($25.00 per season) will receive a card from Mr. Taatges each time the patrol is complete. The patrol takes place twice a month until 01 April.

Chairperson Burmeister notified the Board that Treasurer Halvorson and Frazee met with Mike Gilson of the Farmers State Bank, Prime Vest Service, regarding the total dollars in the general fund. It was the recommendation by Halvorson to Chairperson Burmeister that we invest $1 5,000-00 dollars from the general fund dollars in a better paying account. This transfer was completed after a meeting with Halvorson, Frazee and Burmeister. The $15,000.00 is paying 6.2% semi annually for 24 months.

Ron Dobbs, Chairperson of the D. N. R. Committee, read a letter from Gene Ransom stating the Green Lake Property Owners Board will support these five people in getting the D.N.R. to correct the slough problem but that the owners will need to do the "leg" work. Ron will contact the D.N.R. and also Gene Ransom.

Chairperson Burmeister reported that he and Ron Dobbs met with Sheriff Donald M. Kujawa, C. O. officer Mike Ryan, and Mike Roe regarding the Latham request and patrol on Green Lake during the summer period. The sheriff stated that he would increase patrol on the lake for the 2000 year. The discussion of buoys and marked swimming areas on the lake was held. We will publish the statute in our spring newsletter. Sheriff Kujawa stated that Mike Roe would enforce this statute in 2000.

Chairperson Burmeister reported to the Board information regarding the Spicer First Responders and the work that they do. Motion by Dobbs and seconded by Anderson to donate $1,000.00 to the Spicer First Responders to use the dollars as they wish. This is not an on going donation, but a year to year discussion. Motion passed.

A date was set for the next meeting.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned by motion of Figenskau and seconded by Anderson. Motion carried.

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