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SATURDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER 2015 - 8:00 A.M.

The Green Lake Property Owners meeting was called to order by Vice Chair B. Schweitzer on Saturday,

19 September 2015 at 8:00 a.m.

Members present were: W. Dahlen, T. Johnson, H. Lange, S. Linder, B. Schweitzer, K. Smith and T. Frazee.

Members absent: E. Roberts.

Members calling in for absent: B. Hodapp, G. Holmstrom, S. Carlson, S., Martinka.

There were no guests present at the meeting.

The minutes of the regular meeting on 15 August was approved by motion of T. Johnson, seconded by H., Lange. Motion carried.

Treasurer T. Johnson presented the treasurers report for August 2015.

Motion carried by.




The resignation of Secretary T. Frazee, effective 31 May 2016, was tabled for the time.

T. Frazee reported his meeting with B. Kleven who will serve as a lobbyist for the Green Lake Property Owners Association. All information regarding Green Lake lobbying will be discussed with The President and/or Executive Secretary for 2016.

T. Frazee reported that Patrol Service will begin on 01 October 2015. Cost of patrol service is $30.00 per year of which each home which is covered will receive a notification of that the home is being watched by GLOA. Post cards are sent to the home owners twice each month.


Board Member K. Smith handed to others present information which she has received about Quotes for Board Member for Insurance of “Errors and Omissions.” After looking at the quote, the Board appointed a committee of Chairperson K. Smith, B. Schweitzer, and T., Johnson to meet with the Insurance providers to look at the coverage, full and complete.

Discussion was held about the new “proposed” fishing regulations for Northern Pike within Green Lake. After discussion, the following was approved by the Board of Directors of the Green Lake Property Owners Association. “The Green Lake Property Owners Association object to the proposed new DNR Northern Pike regulations for Green Lake. We feel that these new proposals would be detrimental in our common effort to rebuild Green Lakes depleted walleye population. We, the Board of Directors of the Green Lake Property Owners Association, encourage you to continue the existing 3 pike regulation as it currently exists.” Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn.