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The Green Lake Property Owners meeting was call to order by Chairperson, G. Holmstrom, on Saturday, 15 August 2015, at 8:00 a. m.

Members present: W. Dahlen, B. Hodapp, H. Lange, S. Linder, S. Martinka, B. Schweitzer, K. Smith, and T., Frazee.

Members absent: E. Roberts.

Called in absent: T. Johnson

There were no guests present at the meeting.

The minutes of the regular meeting of 18 July 2015, meeting was approved by motion of K. Smith, seconded by B. Hodapp. Motion carried

T. Frazee presented the treasurers report for August 2015.

Motion carried.



G. Holmstrom and T. Frazee informed the Board of phone calls from a person about the

History of Cushman Rice. Information was placed on the Green Lake Web Page under History section.





T. Frazee informed the Board of the Task Force of Kandiyohi County. David Paulson is the Director, doing an excellent job!

Discussion was held about power washing boats, how many have been washed this year. Also the “I-Pad” at Rush Brown access. The number of Boats that are not using Saulsbury and County Park 5 as other access does not have workers.

The County project does not have enough workers, discussion about upping salaries, giving a bonus if workers staff the entire summer.

Additional work from the Sheriff’s office shows that they do not have enough workers plus many of the Deputies are not interested in over time.

All these items will be discuss in the plan for 2016 summer.

Harvy Lange discussed the clean out of Indian Beach Harbor, Motion by B. Schweitzer, seconded by B. Hodapp to donate $2,000.00 to assist the Indian Beach Harbor committee. Motion carried.



T. Frazee discussed with the Board for dues for 2015-2016. After discussion, Motion by S. Martinka, second by K. Smith for dues to remain at $100.00 for 2015-2016 year. Included in the motion was for Patrol Service to remain at $30.00. Motion carried.

The resignation of Board member S. Lykken was approved.

The name of Scott Carlson, who lives at 287 Lake Avenue North was placed into motion. Chairperson G. Holmstrom asked T. Frazee to visit with Mr. Carlson to fulfill the term for S. Lykken.

T. Frazee submitted his resignation as Executive Secretary as of 05.31.16. Discussion was held about the position. The Board asked Frazee to list his duties within the position to be presented at the September meeting. The Board will discuss the position at that time.

Motion to adjourn by B. Hodapp, seconded by H. Lange. Meeting adjourned.