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Green Lake Property Owners Association
Saturday July 18 2015 -8:00 A.M.
Heritage Bank Meeting Room

The Green Lake Property Owners meeting was called to order by Terry Frazee. Terry welcomed our three new board members.

Members present: Tom Johnson, Steve Linder, Bruce Schweitzer, Kit Smith, Bob Hodapp, Wayne Dahlen, Sara Martinka, Harvey Lang

Members absent: Greg Holmstrom, Eric Roberts, Steve Lykken

Guest: Jan Ruby Representing Indian Harbor

Election of Officers for the new year:

Terry turned the meeting over to Bruce Schweitzer who welcomed the new board members and thanked Jamie Duininck, Val Sechler, and Bob Schemel for their past service.

2015-2016 Committee Assignments for board members:

Minutes were approved for the May 16 and June 20 Annual Meeting.

Financial Report

Tom Johnson provided report.

Correspondence / Visitors

Jan Ruby representing the Indian Harbor home owners updated the board on the issues with water depth and past dredging efforts of the channel leading to their area. The board would like to help hopefully by assisting them in a permanent solution. Mr Ruby to discuss with their group and Harvey Lang to provide feedback and a specific request for our August meeting.


Old Business


New Business

Approve Meeting Dates 2015-2016 motion Martinka 2nd Dahlen motion carried.

Renew Mike Behn patrol 2015-2016 $2700 motion Lang 2nd Hodapp motion carried.

Directory 2015 Update by Terry. Nice work.

Digital/paper / Pay Pal update and issues shared by Terry. We will continue to work on with help from committee members.

County AIS Terry represents us here and has several grants in for our group.

Retain Bruce Kleven for $5000 motion Johnson 2nd Martinka motion carries.

Annual Meeting Review we decided to invite and thank politicians but not have them talk. Presentations by Bruce Kleven and AIS task force to remain and seen as positives. Reserve Green Lake Bible camp for next years meeting.

Steve Lykkens resignation due to job relocation accepted. Wayne to contact Dr Scott Carlson as a potential replacement.

Terry Frazee compensation increased $300 per year. Motion Schweitzer 2nd Johnson motion passed.

Motion to adjourn.